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Common Mistakes in Using Digital Door Lock Locks

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Contrary to the usual belief, you security concerns cannot be easily ended by installing a rather more sophisticated digital lock. In fact, it can even lead to more problems compared to when you had your traditional key locks if you commit one of these common mistakes:

Many people are completely unaware of how to even use their digital security systems. Some don’t set up the relevant passwords/codes, thus making it very easy for anyone to access or tamper with their house (This is especially dangerous if you have kids at home).

Some users forget about the passcode they used which contains too many numbers making it very tedious to open the door each time you return. This makes them end up writing down their codes on pieces of paper that can be easily lost or found by others (this eventually causes problems like theft or burglary).  Others fail to correctly program their code which triggers alarms every time they try entering the wrong code. This takes away all the fun and feeling of security after spending so much money on your lock system.

Here are the top considerations to be aware of before using a digital door lock system:

Does it match your current door?

Will you be able to install it easily? Is the supplier/brand reliable enough that you can contact them in case of problems or questions? Check for warranty details and return policy. It’s best to stick with digital locks that are best matched with your doors to also ensure smoother and faster installation process.

How secure are your locks?

Just because it is a digital lock does not mean it is already secure. Make sure there are several security measures integrated into the system, which include an alarm when anyone tries to break in or tamper with it, unlocking only when someone is inside, preventing re-entry once the owner leaves, allowing multiple users access but having different key codes for each user.

Can you manage your electronic lock even if internet connection fails?

This may happen especially during natural disasters like earthquakes or power failures. Have a plan B ready in case this happens. This is one of the common emergencies involved with digital locks.

Providing access to other people

Just in case you lose your door key or any other personal information. It will benefit you if have an extra one, especially if are always on the go. Don’t forget to tell your guests about your digital lock system. If you have friends, relatives, or even neighbors who don’t know how to use it, kindly let them know that they can also be locked out of the house if they fail to follow the right steps after entering the wrong code once! This is only fair since it follows the same practice for traditional locks as well. Not doing so may cause unnecessary problems like forgetting their passcodes which trigger alarms (especially during emergencies) and brings back all those feelings of insecurity despite having state of the art lock system.

Location of your digital lock system

Harsh weather conditions can be detrimental to your digital lock system , thus giving rise to more cases of break-ins. Thus, it is very important that you place them in a location where they are less likely to be easily broken or tampered with. Further, make sure you have installed them at an accessible height for easier use. This is one of the reasons why we often find digital lock systems in condominiums and not much on lotted properties.


Always insist on digital locks that allow the user to lock the doors even without internet connection by means of connecting directly with your mobile phone via Bluetooth or Wifi signals. This way, you don’t really require much assistance from third parties, which ensures absolute security all throughout its lifetime warranty period!


There are plenty of digital locks available in the market today, each with their own unique attributes. But, it is still best to be aware of its limitations and various factors before purchasing one!

A mistake that most people make when using a digital door lock system is forgetting the passcode after entering the wrong code once! This may cause unnecessary problems like not being able to enter your house despite having too much money invested in this state-of-the-art technology.

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