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Should you choose a digital lock or key lock?

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With the current increase in technological advancements, people are turning to digital locks rather than key locks for a variety of reasons. Digital locks offer many advantages over their counterpart, including a sense of security and accessibility. In addition, digital door lock technology is becoming more convenient as it advances with modern technology. However, there are still limitations on some models that may make them less desirable based on the needs of the person. In order to choose which type of locking system will work best for your home or business, it is important to be aware of some advantages and disadvantages of both systems as well as compare different types within those categories.

Benefits of Digital Locks

In general, most homeowners prefer digital locks because they provide a certain level of convenience and security that traditional key locks do not provide. Firstly, they cannot be disassembled nor ruined easily. It will take a professional to install and uninstall a digital lock.  In addition, digital locks are nearly impossible to pick since they only open with a specific code. Even if someone were to gain access to the lock’s code it is likely that it would be changed immediately. Digital locks also allow users to easily add and delete people who have access without adding additional keys or cards which allows you to offer temporary access for service providers by simply entering their phone number into your digital lock system.

Benefits of Key Locks

Key locks can also provide certain benefits depending on the situation in which they are used. For example, key locks allow multiple people to get through one lock at once making them beneficial for schools, gyms, and other places where multiple people need entry at the same time. It is also practical for household where people of all ages live – elderly and children can easily use it. Keys are also not expensive to replace and the lock is usually serviced under warranty. Additional benefits of key locks include being more affordable than digital locks for similar locking mechanisms and hardware. Having key duplicates is also easy and accessible. Surprisingly, they often have a higher level of security than digital locks depending on their construction and type (ex. high-end locks with UL certification).

Disadvantages of Digital Locks

Although there are many advantages to using a digital lock, there are also certain limitations that must be considered when installing these types of systems. For example, the batteries may need to be changed often which can become costly or inconvenient if they do not last very long before dying out entirely. In addition, many current models require a monthly fee to maintain access control information making them more expensive in the long run.

Disadvantages of Key Locks

Just like there are many benefits to a digital locks, key locks also have their limitations including the need for physical keys which can cause significant inconvenience if they go missing or get misplaced. In addition, people may forget combinations or keys that only allow one-way access making it difficult to exit from certain rooms. Key locks can also be picked and opened by anyone who knows how to do so, despite the number of locks on the door.

Digital Locks vs. Key Locks: Which do you prefer?

Ultimately, people should choose a locking system based off their personal preference and how often they will use it. It is even okay to have both types of locking systems in the same household if the situation calls for it. If you have to choose one though, go for the type of lock that will fit the current design of your home or apartment. Next is to consider the people who will need access to your home. If there are people constantly accessing your home throughout the day, the digital lock system may prove impractical as such activity can drain the battery fast and may call for frequent maintenance, as well.

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