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The Ultimate Hair Dryer Buying Guide

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Do you struggle to find the perfect hair dryer for your needs? Do you want to know what features are worth spending more money on? Maybe you’re looking for a specific type of hair dryer. If so, this post is for you! We’ll be reviewing different types of hair dryers and detailing their pros and cons. You can also find out how much it costs and some helpful tips on where to buy them online. Read on now!

1. What is a hair dryer?

Before we jump into the different types of hair dryers and their features, let’s start with a quick overview of what hair dryers do and how they work. Hair-dryers are relatively simple machines that heat up the air inside a cylindrical tube. The hot air is blown onto wet hair to speed up the drying process. You should remember that just because your hair is dry, it doesn’t mean that the water inside has evaporated.

2. Hair dryer types

There are two main classifications of hair dryers: ionic and non-ionic (or regular). The difference between these two lies in their Inside each type, there are different subtypes of hair-dryers. We’ll discuss these subtypes first and then look at the main differences between ionic and non-ionic hair dryers.

2.1 Ionic hair dryers

An important feature that an ionic hair dryer will offer is some sort of ionic feature. This is usually achieved with the help of small metallic beads that are built into the dryer. They will break up water molecules into smaller particles, which increases drying speed. This ultimately means less damage to your hair – a good thing!

2.2 Non-ionic hair dryers

The design of non-ionic dryers are pretty simple – there are generally no special features to mention. They’re simply designed to produce lots of hot air that dries your hair quickly.

2.3 Subtypes of ionic hair dryers


Tourmaline-ceramic hair-dryers consist of a ceramic heat shield with an embedded piece of tourmaline. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that produces negative ions when heated up, making it great for ionic hair-dryers. The steam emitted from these dryers also reduces frizz and increases the shine of your hair.


Titanium-ceramic hair dryers are very similar to tourmaline-ceramic dryers, but the main difference is that titanium has better conductive properties. Titanium’s high thermal conductivity means it can dissipate heat quickly without any risk of damage. You’ll find that hair dryers with titanium technology will generally be more expensive than ones without.

3. Tips for buying a hair dryer

What features you should look for in your next hair dryer will depend on your personal needs. We’ll list them below so that you can consider the ones most suited to your lifestyle.

Do you have curly or coarse hair?

Having naturally wavy or curly hair is no fun when humid weather makes it frizzy and hard to manage. It might be worth looking for a hair-dryer with an extra-long barrel if you have curly or coarse hair. This will allow you to dry your waves without them becoming frizzy.

Are you styling your hair often?

If you aim to style your hair regularly, look for a hair-dryer that has multiple heat settings. This will allow you to quickly change the temperature depending on which tool you’re styling with.

Do you have fine hair?

Fine hair can often get weighed down by lots of products, so it’s a good idea to seek out a dryer that offers a cold-shot button. The function of this button is just what it says – it’ll rapidly cool your hair after being styled. You should also look for a hair-dryer that does not have an ionic feature. This is because ions can add weight to your hair, making it appear flat and lifeless.


You should now know enough to make an informed decision when purchasing a hair-dryer. Keep in mind that the best option is often dependent on your needs – so consider each of the points we’ve listed, and you’ll be sure to find a hair dryer that works for you.

We hope that this post has helped you figure out what type of hair dryers are best suited for your needs! Remember, don’t skimp on quality – you’ll thank yourself later!

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