7 Best Bread Maker in Malaysia – For Bread Lover

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Admittedly, I have never imagined myself of being a bread maker, much more within the comforts of our own home. But thanks to our discovery of the bread maker machine, making fresh bread is now literally within reach for us.

Anyone can be a baker because the breadmaking machine basically does all the steps for you. Curious about bread maker machines? Here are the top 7 favourites in Malaysia so far.

#1 – PerySmith Bread Maker 3.0 LB – Ecohealth Series PS3500

Making bread is already easy enough with a trusted bread maker machine, however, PerySmith makes it even more convenient by giving us timer features. This allows us to schedule baking time in time for breakfast. You prepare all ingredients ahead, and set delay timing to match your desired schedule.

  • Large capacity can make up to 1.5 kg of the loaf
  • Multi-function, touch sensor control
  • 15 hours programmable delay timer
  • 60 minutes keep warm function

You can also easily choose the crust quality of your bread through this machine. Basically the assistant you never thought you needed. Get it at its best price here.

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#2 – Pensonic Bread Maker & Sandwich Maker PBM2000

A perfect machine for those who enjoy fresh bread while away from home. It is compact enough to fit in a small space, but delivers the same bread quality.

  • Has 15 minutes back up in case of power interruption
  • Comes with Measuring Cup, Spoon, Hook
  • Removable Non-stick Bowl
  • 19 preset programmes

One of our favorite features is the non-stick bowl, which is so easy to clean. This has always been the downside of making your own bread, cleaning up after the mess. Fortunately, Pensonic also got us covered. You can buy this cute bread maker machine here.

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#3 – Pensonic Bread Maker PBM-2001S

We love the sleek design of this bread maker from Pensonic. It’s an upgrade, as well, because it has a large viewing window so you can monitor how your bread from it.

  • 15 automatic programs
  • 15 hours programmable delay timer
  • Wiewing window with large (2.8 inches) LCD display
  • Adjustable crust control: light, middle and dark color
  • Non-slip bottom feet

For those who want to take bread making to a whole new level, this is already a good machine to start with. It is packed with complete safety features that is perfect for beginners. Purchase this online here.

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#4 – Panasonic Bread Maker SDP2001

This is what we fondly call as the bread maker pro. It has everything you need in a bread maker including raisin/nut dispenser. You can now add more flavors to your favorite bread easily!

  • Includes 13 menu options
  • Diamond flourine inner pan
  • Can make two loaf sizes (medium and large)
  • Easy to use and clean

You can even make your own bread spread from this machine making it an instant favorite! Get your own Panasonic bread maker here.

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#5 – Kenwood Breadmaker BM450

Kenwood has the right bread maker for every level. This bread maker specifically has its own convection fan, resulting to a more evenly baked loaf of bread.

  • Can store up to 125 grams of ingredients
  • 15-hour delay timing
  • Intuitive, touch control system
  • Viewing window with oven light

We particularly love the sophisticated design of this Kenwood bread maker, plus you can even expect your fresh loaf in an hour! You can buy this Kenwood bread maker here.

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#6 – Philips HD9015 Bread Maker HD9015/30

For those looking for an affordable but durable bread maker machine, you can opt for this Philips entry-level bread maker. You can make basic loaves of bread with maximum 1 kilogram capacity.

  • 12 programme selection
  • 13-hour delay timer
  • Three browning levels for crust
  • 1 kilogram capacity

We like that it is compact enough, so we can readily store it anywhere. The timer makes it convenient to simply prepare the ingredients the night before and have your bread fresh the following morning.

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#7 – Electrolux EASYLINE™ Bread Toaster ETS1303W

Imagine making the breads without having to worry about cleaning after the crumbs all the time. This is one of the many features that we love about this Electrolux bread maker.

  • Integrated bun warmer
  • Auto bread centering function
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Defrost and reheat function

This is one of the most sophisticated and intelligent bread makers we’ve tried, and is certainly worth your investment. You can get it at discounted price here.

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Why I Should Buy a Bread Maker

Bread maker machines may not be one of the basic appliances that you will set your eyes on, but once you have it, food preparation will never be more fun.

It basically cuts a huge part of the bread-making process, plus all the automated features makes making fresh loaves almost effortless. This is perfect for those who love pastries as their go to snack and meal. It saves time and even resources going to bakeries, and gives you freedom to control the ingredients that go into your bread.

As a matter of fact, you can even make your own gluten-free bread through your bread maker machine. Most if not all bread makers also come in compact sizes, making them a convenient addition to your kitchen space. They are also packed with safety features, such us overheating protection and power back-up.


Here are our top recommendations for bread maker machines here in Malaysia:

1-PerySmith Bread Maker 3.0 LB – Ecohealth Series PS3500

2-Pensonic Bread Maker & Sandwich Maker PBM2000

3-Pensonic Bread Maker PBM-2001S