10 Best Digital Door Lock Malaysia – 2024 Review

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Are you looking for a secure, modern door lock to keep your home or business premises safe? Digital door locks offer enhanced security, convenience, and ease of use compared to traditional mechanical locks. With their advanced features and improved technology, digital door locks have become much more popular in the last few years. Investing in good quality digital door locks will give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected from any intrusion.

But with so many types and brands on the market today it can be difficult to find the best one for your needs which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive review of the 10 Best digital locks’ latest editions to help make things easier for you! Stay tuned to find out what some key factors to consider when buying a digital door lock as well as our top picks across all price ranges. Read on to learn more and find the perfect lock for your needs!

Table of Contents

  • Best Digital Door Lock Comparison Table
    1. Easy Installation: Kaadas K9
    2. Double authentication mode: Samsung SHP-DP728
    3. Intuitive LED Touch Pad: Samsung SHP-DR708
    4. High level of security: ST GUCHI SGDL TF 100
    5. Customizable Access Options: Igloohome 2S
    6. Low battery alarm: Yale Ymi70
    7. High Voltage Protection Circuit: ST GUCHI SGDL-TC30
    8. Reliable and Durable Material: SAMSUNG SHP DP609
    9. Multi-user Key Management: Novaloock NDM 101F
    10. Easy DIY Installation: KeyWe Rim Lock GKW 1000A
  • Factors to Consider When Buying a Digital Door Lock
  • Conclusion

Comparison Table

Product Price Accessibilities
Kaadas K9 Smart Digital Door Lock RM2,100.00
Finger Print, Password, Card, Key
Samsung SHP-DP728 RM3,360.00
Finger Print, Password, Card, Key, Bluetooth
Samsung SHP-DR708 RM3,049.00
Fingerprint, Mobile application, NFC mobile key, Passcode, Emergency key
ST GUCHI SGDL 809L RM1,488.00
Fingerprint, Password, RFID Card Access
igloohome 2s RM999.00
Fingerprint, Mobile application, Passcode
Yale YMI70 RM2,850.00
Fingerprint, Mobile application, Passcode, WiFi
Finger Print, Password, Card, Key
SAMSUNG SHP DP609 RM2,649.00
Fingerprint, Solity Smart App, Pin, Mechanical Key, Card
Novaloock NDM 101F RM780.00
Finger Print, Password, Card, Key
KeyWe GKW 1000A RM850.00
Password, Bluetooth, Key

1. Kaadas K9 Smart Digital Door Lock

Easy Installation

Kaadas K9 Smart Digital Door Lock is an innovative product offering many advantages. It is easy to install and offers a range of additional features that make life easier, making it one of the best digital door locks on the market. The fingerprint access feature allows up to 100 users to control their doors while maintaining security with password, card and key access options as well. This comprehensive array of features makes it ideal for homes or businesses looking for a secure but user-friendly solution.

With Kaadas K9 Smart Digital Door Lock you can rest assured that your residence or office building is protected from unwanted visitors should anything happen you are also backed by an installation guide and a responsive chat support system from kaadas’ expert support team . The design ensures maximum protection against theft yet remains user-friendly, allowing variable levels of access based on individual preferences and needs. Furthermore, this particular model has received awards for its sleek design which adds style as well as functionality to any home or business environment.

Investing in the Kaadas K9 Smart Digital Door Lock will not only provide peace of mind knowing your premises are securely locked; customers will also benefit from value for money due to its durability and modern design combined with reliable security measures – all at competitive prices too! So what are you waiting for? Purchase now and keep your property safe with this superb digital locking system today!


  • Multiple access options
  • Reliable Response time with advanced smart technology
  • 2-year warranty for peace of mind


  • No app integration
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2. Samsung SHP-DP728 Smart Digital Door Lock

Double authentication mode

Samsung, being the tech giant that they are has also created digital locks packed with features you cannot resist, including being able to control your door lock from your phone. The Samsung SHP-DP728 Smart Digital Door Lock is a great option for those who are looking to secure their homes. The device features fingerprint access, pin code access, RFID card or key tag access and Bluetooth mobile app access. With its range of security measures, it offers peace of mind that your and your family’s safety is prioritized.

Moreover, the device also comes with a traditional emergency key which can be used in case something unexpected occurs – giving you an extra layer of assurance that your home will remain safe and sound. Furthermore, being able to use Bluetooth mobile apps along with other access control mechanisms makes it easier to customize settings and control different levels of security as needed according to whoever needs entry into your property at any given time.

Overall, the Samsung SHP-DP728 Smart Digital Door Lock offers an all-inclusive solution for keeping your home secure; from its sophisticated features allowing multiple levels of protection through its fingerprints access, pin code entry system and more – this digital door lock is ideal for anyone looking for a simple yet effective way to protect their home without compromising on style or convenience! So why not make sure that you’re always one step ahead when it comes to safeguarding what matters most? Get yours now!


  • Reputable security with fingerprint access
  • Accessible through pin code, RFID card or key tag and Bluetooth mobile apps using the included module
  • 9 Volt Battery supply provides a temporary power source when needed


  • Limited compatibility with other access systems
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3.  Samsung SHP-DR708 Smart Digital Door Lock

Intuitive LED Touch Pad

With the Samsung SHP-DR708 Smart Digital Door Lock, you can practically forget about the hassle of fumbling for keys – your fingerprint is now all that’s needed to gain entry. It features a sophisticated double authentication security system which first reads and authenticates users’ fingerprints before granting access. Much like its name suggests, it also offers a randomizer feature to shuffle up number combinations used in keypad input for added security.

Access notifications are sent out to users in real time so that they can keep track of who has entered their home or property at any given time. Furthermore, an intrusion alarm will sound if someone tries to enter your premises without permission by picking locks or tampering with the digital lock itself. Ultimately, these features ensure maximum safety so you can rest easy knowing that your family and personal belongings are secure even when away from home.

All in all, what really sets the Samsung SHP-DR708 apart from other door locks on the market is its combination of cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly design elements – enabling both convenience and peace of mind in one compact package! So if you’re looking for a reliable way to protect your valuables while keeping them conveniently accessible at all times, then this smart lock is definitely worth considering!


  • Ability to restrict/deny access for unwanted visitors
  • Wide range of security options: fingerprint access, real-time alerts, double authentication, and more
  • Convenient low battery notification and emergency power supply


  • Initial setup can be time-consuming
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4. ST GUCHI SGDL TF 100 FINGERPRINT Smart Digital Door Lock

High level of security

The ST GUCHI SGDL TF 100 is a multifunctional security system that offers unbeatable protection for your home or business. Its Automatic Lock/Relock feature allows you to set the alarm to arm and disarm with just one touch. In addition, the Scramble Code prevents anyone from using guesswork to try to access your property. It also includes an integrated fire sensor, and anti-theft and anti-hacking features that provide extra reassurance in case of a burglary attempt.

With its adjustable volume level and mute function, this product can be easily tailored according to individual needs without compromising on safety. Furthermore, it comes with an Emergency Alarm System which signals when there is an unauthorized entry or any other suspicious activity detected by the device’s sensors. This ensures you are always aware of potential threats even when you’re not around to monitor them yourself.

If you’re looking for complete peace of mind knowing your family, valuables and property are safe – then look no further than the ST GUCHI SGDL TF 100! Boasting modern technology as well as reliable user interface design – rest assured knowing that no one will breach your safety measures while freeing up time so life can go uninterrupted! Don’t delay – get yours now and have total peace of mind today!


  • Adjustable volume levels for personal preferences and mute functions are available.
  • Easy to use even in the dark with self-diagnostic functions and back lock thumb turn/button.
  • Double locking mechanism with auto cover authentication, anti-panic handle, emergency key, multi-touch feature, fingerprint scanner, password enter or RFID card access options.


  • Installation is complicated and requires expert knowledge.
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5.  Igloohome 2S Smart Digital Door Lock

Customizable Access Options

With the Igloohome 2S, you can keep your home secured with ease. The 100% genuine deadbolt provides a reliable layer of security to your doors. It also comes with different features, such as a mobile app that enables convenient access, along with a pin, Bluetooth key and mechanical key for easy access by yourself and guests. Furthermore, you can even create pins remotely without wifi connectivity.

The One Time PIN facility allows temporary access to visitors when needed. This is great if you have frequent deliveries or packages coming in from friends and family members who don’t live at the same address as you do – so no more waiting for someone else to open the door! Additionally, it’s handy for managing Airbnb renters too as they are provided with their own electronic keys instead of physical copies which keeps your home safe yet accessible at all times.

All in all, if security is what you’re looking for then the Igloohome 2S is definitely worth considering! So why wait? Get ready to upgrade your security system today and start enjoying extra peace of mind knowing that your home is protected 24/7 while staying connected with those who matter most!


  • Remote Access: Creates a unique PIN code remotely, allowing you to grant access anywhere and anytime.
  • Keyless Entry: Allows access to your property units without having to bring physical keys around.
  • Durable Security Features: Furnished with high-security features such as a 2S deadbolt and Bluetooth key authorization.


  • Rechargeable batteries not included
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6. Yale Ymi70 Smart Digital Door Lock

Low battery alarm

The Yale Ymi70 Smart Digital Door Lock is the ultimate in home security. It features a variety of access options, including fingerprint and PIN code access, as well as card keys for added convenience. The capacitive touch keypad ensures that your code or fingerprint can be quickly and accurately entered, giving you a reliable way to keep your home secure. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity provides an extra layer of protection by allowing you to control and monitor who has access to your property from anywhere in the world.

One of the greatest benefits of this digital door lock is its peace-of-mind factor; with enhanced security measures like fingerprint recognition, high encryption technology and tamper alarms, you can rest assured that only those with permission will gain entry into your home or office building. Plus, thanks to its slim design and sleek finish it’s perfect for modern residential areas where looks are just as important as functionality.

With so many innovative features packed into one device, it’s easy to see why the Yale Ymi70 Smart Digital Door Lock is such an attractive option when it comes to keeping your property safe and secure while still providing convenient access options for authorized users. If you’re looking for a reliable solution that won’t compromise on style or performance then don’t look past this fantastic product – order yours today!


  • Enhanced security with a combination of mechanical, digital and Bluetooth access
  • Fast and reliable fingerprint scanning for quick entry and exit
  • Easy-to-use capacitive touch keypad with voice guidance available


  • Limited use of Bluetooth function
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7. ST GUCHI SGDL-TC30 Smart Digital Door Lock

High Voltage Protection Circuit

The ST GUCHI SGDL-TC30 Smart Digital Door Lock is an excellent choice for those who want a secure and reliable door lock. Its automatic relocking feature guarantees that the door will be securely locked each time you close it, providing peace of mind. Furthermore, the scramble code feature adds extra security by generating a random combination every time your device detects user attempts to enter an incorrect code.

Moreover, this digital door lock comes integrated with a fire sensor which will alert you in case of any emergency situation within your home. Furthermore, its anti-theft and anti-hacking features provide an additional layer of safety while preventing unwanted access to your property. Lastly, this device also offers adjustable volume levels along with a mute function which allows you to customize sound settings according to personal preference or local regulations if applicable.

Overall, ST GUCHI’s SGDL-TC30 Smart Digital Door Lock is one of the best choices available for anyone looking for quality security measures when it comes to protecting their homes or businesses from potential intrusions without compromising on convenience and functionality features. With its impressive set of features coupled with advanced technology-based security solutions, we highly recommend this digital door lock!


  • Secure and reliable entry access with multiple authentication options.
  • Easy to use with adjustable sound levels and a mute option.
  • Emergency battery terminal, emergency key, and anti-panic handle included for emergencies.


  • No app to control the lock remotely
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Reliable and Durable Material

The SAMSUNG SHP DP609 is an advanced door lock featuring the latest security technology. The secure locking system allows for up to 8 different unlocking methods, including passwords, codes, and biometric information. This makes it easy for both you and trusted guests to access your home with ease. Additionally, the backup power supply via a USB port ensures that you are never locked out in case of a power outage or other emergency situations.

Not only is this lock incredibly secure but its small design also makes installation fast and simple while still providing superior protection against intruders. Furthermore, its weatherproof design means you don’t have to worry about rain or snow damaging your door’s hardware as long as it’s mounted correctly in a protected area. Moreover, users can also control who has access with time allowances and authorization levels if they choose to grant certain individuals access at certain times of day or night without having to physically be around them each time they enter the premises.

If you are looking for a reliable and secure way to protect your precious property then the SAMSUNG SHP DP609 is an excellent choice! With its robust features such as adjustable unlocking methods (eight in total), backup power supply options, small profile size and weather-resistant design; this door lock can certainly provide peace of mind whenever needed! Purchase yours today from our website so that you too can enjoy all these amazing features along with superior protection from unwanted intruders!


  • User-friendly experience with various unlocking options
  • Increased security and protection against intruders
  • The convenience of controlling the door lock remotely


  • No backup key option
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9.  Novaloock NDM 101F Smart Digital Door Lock

Multi-user Key Management

Now your security game has been stepped up with the Novaloock NDM 101F Smart Digital Door Lock! This revolutionary door lock features keyless entry with Bluetooth unlock multi-user key management for shared access and even push notifications to your mobile phone upon every door unlock. You can also view detailed time logs of all opened doors, giving you ultimate control.

With its easy installation and set-up, anyone can benefit from this high-security digital door lock. The user-friendly mobile app allows you to adjust the settings on the device easily and efficiently, so no matter where you are in the world, you’ll always be able to make sure that your property is safe and secure. Plus, multiple users can easily share access keys allowing them to open or close the door without a physical key or fob ever entering it into their possession.

So why not upgrade to a smart home today? Choose Novaloock’s NDM 101F for an added layer of safety for yourself and your loved ones at home or work premises! Get yours now before it runs out – don’t miss out on this great product!


  • Keyless, Bluetooth-enabled entry for secure access
  • Push notifications and door-open logs for ownership
  • Durable rounded frame with stainless steel material for maximum security


  • High price point
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10. KeyWe Rim Lock GKW 1000A Smart Digital Door Lock

Easy DIY Installation

The KeyWe Rim Lock GKW 1000A Smart Digital Door Lock is a great security solution for modern-day homes. With 5-in-1 keyless entry, you get the best of both worlds; biometric (fingerprint or facial recognition) access, as well as App Access, Passcode and Mechanical Key options. Plus, with Auto Lock/Unlock Options with customizable settings, you can determine exactly when your door should automatically lock itself behind you – so no worrying about forgetting to lock up at night!

Additionally, this lock offers intrusion detection and alerts for extra peace of mind. Plus it’s compatible with Alexa and Google Home Voice Control commands which make controlling your home security even easier! And lastly – anti-theft protection comes standard on this product via tamper-proof technology that ensures that only authorized personnel can gain access through the door.

No matter what kind of lifestyle you lead or what level of security is necessary for your home – the KeyWe Rim Lock GKW 1000A Smart Digital Door Lock has got you covered! Don’t hesitate any longer to upgrade your traditional lockset into something more secure and convenient – pick one up today and increase the safety of your property instantly!


  • Smart digital lock that provides enhanced security for your home
  • Keyless entry through Digital PIN Code, RFID, or Bluetooth
  • The auto-unlock feature makes it faster and more convenient to open the door when entering.


  • Installation is not included for more complex door configurations
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Factors to Consider When Buying a Digital Door Lock

When you look for a digital door lock, make sure to consider the type of lock, security features, ease of use, power source, price and brand in order to choose one that suits your needs best. Read on to learn more about these factors!

Type of lock

When it comes to choosing the right digital door lock for your needs, there are several types of locks available. This includes Bluetooth-enabled, fingerprint recognition and RFID devices. Each type has unique features that may or may not suit your needs.

Bluetooth locks require a device or mobile phone with the necessary features in order to operate them. Fingerprint recognition locks use a biometric sensor that can store multiple fingerprints on its memory card; these are more secure because they cannot be duplicated like keyed hardware formats can. Finally, RFID locks use cards or tags which need to be scanned in order to unlock the doors; this is convenient but also usually requires additional installation effort when compared to other options such as Bluetooth-enabled versions.

Security features

When selecting a digital door lock, one of the most important considerations should be security. How secure is the lock? Are there any anti-theft or tamper alert features in place? Does it come with an automated locking system or has a manual mechanism for when you leave your house? Be sure to check what type of encrypted and protected data the lock holds before making your purchase. Additionally, make sure that the locks provide two means of entry – such as both physical keys and biometric readers – so that access remains limited only to those you choose.

Ease of use

Using a digital door lock should be convenient and easy. Look for locks that have features such as voice recognition, which will allow you to access your home without having to enter a code or key every time. The best digital door locks also come with a touchscreen display that is backlit, making it easier to use the device even in low light conditions. Additionally, many of these locks include an auto-lock feature, so you don’t need to remember to manually lock the door each time when leaving your house.

Power source

When it comes to choosing a digital door lock, one of the factors that you should consider is its power source. Digital door locks are usually powered by electricity and require batteries as backups in case of an outage. The best options for most people are those that run on batteries which can be replaced easily whenever necessary without compromising your security. Some smart models even come with solar-powered rechargeable batteries so they stay powered up even when there is no direct sunlight available. Keeping these key points in mind will help ensure your digital door lock lasts longer and works reliably over time.


When considering digital door locks, you must consider the price range. Generally speaking, digital door locks will cost more than traditional locks due to their advanced features and security measures. However, with so many different types of locks available from various manufacturers it is possible to find good value for your money. As prices vary widely between brands and models, be sure to shop around for the best price that fits within your budget. It is important to keep in mind that higher-priced models may offer additional security measures or convenience options that make them worth investing in over the long term.


Digital door locks are becoming an increasingly popular option in homes and businesses across Malaysia. By choosing to invest in a quality digital lock, you can enjoy increased security, convenience and ease of use. When shopping for a digital lock, be sure to consider the type of lock, security features, power source and price before making your purchase. With so many different options available on the market today ranging from budget models to high-end solutions, there is certainly something for every consumer. Our 2024 review list includes 10 of what we believe are the best digital door locks on offer in Malaysia – helping to make your search easier and more efficient.