10 Best Rice Cookers in Malaysia for Rice Lover

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Rice cookers can be considered a staple of many homes in Malaysia. This small appliance provides a quick and convenient way to cook another staple, rice. Whether you like brown rice, white rice, or any rice meal, you would want a rice cooker.

Just like with any popular appliance, there are different manufacturers from local makers to international manufacturers. Our job was to provide you with a good list of products that our experts recommended buying when you’re looking for a rice cooker.

Quick Recommendation

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Comparison Table

Panasonic SR-E18A RM130.00 8L
MMX – Orito RM198.88 4L
Philips HD3129 RM166.00 2L
Milux Classy MRC-703 RM64.00 0.3L
Tefal-RK5001 RM189.00 0.5L
Toshiba Digital Rice Cooker RM204.00 1L
Faber RISO 18 RM189.00 1.8L
Giselle Rice Coooker RM119.00 5L
Midea Rice Cooker RM69.00 1L
Midea MBFS17 RM159.00 1.8L

Prices may vary on time of pruchase

1 – Panasonic SR-E18A Conventional Rice Cooker 1.8L

Best for Families

The trusted appliance manufacturer, Panasonic, made this rice cooker. It can cook the perfect rice meal and will do so for several years. Quality and durable materials make up this product so that it will be durable enough for everyday use.

  • 8-litre capacity
  • Power-saving consumption
  • Easy to operate

Feeding a family of four to five with soft, fluffy rice will be much easier with the SR-E18A. Place the rice and the right amount of water, then set it and go!

Grab one today!


  • The built-in keep warm function is a handy feature that helps maintain the temperature of the cooked rice, ensuring it remains warm and ready to serve even if you’re not immediately ready to eat.
  • Including a built-in thermal fuse enhances safety by preventing overheating and potential accidents.
  • The rice cooker is designed with power-saving features, which can contribute to energy efficiency and lower electricity bills.
  • The appliance is easy to operate, making it convenient for users of all levels of cooking expertise.


  • Large Size: The 8-litre capacity might be excessive for smaller households or individuals who don’t frequently cook large quantities of rice.
  • While the one-year warranty provides some assurance, it might seem relatively short compared to warranties offered by some competitors for similar products.
  • Limited Functionality
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2 – MMX – Orito 1.8L Electric Rice Cooker

Best for Big Batches

Quality manufacturer MMX features their latest Orito rice cooker for Malaysian customers. Customer satisfaction is a priority of this appliance manufacturer by delivering the best products to their consumers.

This rice cooker has a ton of features that match its quality build. This rice cooker is suitable for cooking rice and steaming all kinds of meat. Cook up to 10 cups of rice with your preferred fluffiness for a perfect dish.

  • Cook a maximum of 10 cups per use
  • Multiple ceramic coating
  • Automatic operation
  • Anti-clogging exhaust valve

The multiple features and quality build make the Orito rice cooker one of the best in the market. Get their quality product with excellent service when you buy one today!


  • The pressure cooker’s new sleek look and control panel add a modern and stylish touch to your kitchen.
  • The Delayed cooking time feature lets you plan meals in advance, making it convenient for busy schedules. The ‘Keep Warm’ function ensures your food stays at the right temperature until you’re ready to eat.
  • Ideal for singles or small families, the smaller capacity is efficient for cooking portions that suit your needs, minimizing food waste.
  • The 12-in-1 functions provide versatility, enabling you to cook a wide range of dishes using a single appliance.
  • The One-Key Pressure Release feature enhances safety by simplifying pressure release, making it user-friendly for those new to pressure cooking.


  • Some users might prefer a more straight-forward, simple rice cooker
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3 – Philips HD3129 Daily Collection

Best for Bulk Cooking

The Philips HD3129 Daily Collection rice cooker offers innovative heating technology for even and consistent cooking. This rice cooker has a generous capacity, making it suitable for large families or gatherings.

It also has an automatic keep-warm function to ensure your rice stays warm and ready to serve. In addition to cooking rice, this versatile appliance allows you to slow cook, pressure cook, and multi-cook your favourite dishes.

Made from durable materials, the Philips HD3129 is built to last. With its competitive price point, this rice cooker provides excellent value for money.

  • Automatic keep warm setting
  • Layered with copper for even cooking
  • Non-stick, anti-scratch coating on the pot
  • Philips Advanced Smart Heating System

The Philips HD3129 Daily Collection rice cooker offers a range of features that make it a top choice for rice lovers. However, like any product, it has its strengths and weaknesses that potential buyers should consider.


  •  Smart heating technology ensures even cooking of rice.
  • It boasts a large capacity, making it suitable for cooking bigger rice.
  • The automatic keep-warm function allows the rice to stay warm for extended periods, offering convenience for users.
  • The rice cooker is easy to operate and ideal for those who prefer straightforward appliances.
  • Being part of the reputable Philips brand, the rice cooker is known for its quality and durability.


  • The rice cooker might be a bit pricey for some budget-conscious consumers
  • The large capacity might be unnecessary for small household
  • Users might find it challenging to clean the rice cooker due to its size and design.
  • Some users might prefer a rice cooker with more advanced features and settings.
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4 – MILUX CLASSY Mini Rice Cooker (0.3L) MRC-703

Best for Dormers

MILUX newest rice cooker, the MRC-703, has a quality build with the right materials. It has safety features built into its overall design, avoiding those annoying moments in the kitchen. The reliable appliance will help you cook perfect rice for years to come.

  • Multiple functions (rice cooker, steamer, and soups)
  • Non-stick coating
  • Convenient pot and handle design
  • Food-grade plastic steaming tray

Buy the MILUX Classy Rice Cooker today and receive it in good condition, ready to go right out of the box. It is great for everyday use around the house and can be conveniently stored inside your kitchen cabinet.


  • Cooks perfect rice every time
  • Easy to clean non-stick coating for fast and mess-free washing up
  • The multi-function design includes steamer and soup-making features
  • Ergonomic pot and steam tray handle designs for comfortable handling.


  • Pot is too small for large families
  • No automatic shut-off feature
  • Inner pot needs to be hand washed
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5 – Tefal RK5001 Mini Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker 0.5L

Precise Cooking

The Tefal RK5001 rice cooker with fuzzy logic technology offers precise cooking and a variety of features that make it a top choice for rice lovers. Discover its benefits and drawbacks in our detailed review.
Read more to find out!

  • Compact size
  • Fuzzy Logic Technology
  • 11-in-1 rice cooker
  • Durable build

The Tefal RK5001 Rice Cooker with Fuzzy Logic Technology is a versatile kitchen appliance that takes the guesswork out of cooking rice. With its large capacity and one-touch buttons, this rice cooker makes it easy to prepare perfect batches of rice every time.

The fuzzy logic technology ensures precise temperature control for consistent results, while the non-stick inner pot makes cleaning a breeze. Plus, the keep warm function maintains the temperature of your cooked rice until you’re ready to serve.


  • This rice cooker uses fuzzy logic technology to automatically adjust cooking time and temperature.
  • It offers 11 different settings for versatile cooking options, making it a handy kitchen appliance.
  • The Tefal RK5001 is energy-efficient with low power consumption.
  • This rice cooker is a Tefal product known for its durability and reliability.


  • Despite its advanced features, it may be outside everyone’s budget.
  • Some users may need help with multiple settings.
  • Replacement parts, if needed, may be challenging to find or expensive.

Whether cooking for yourself or a crowd, the Tefal RK5001 Rice Cooker is a convenient and reliable choice.

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6 – Toshiba 1.0L Digital Rice Cooker

Best for Small Families

The Toshiba 1.0L Digital Rice Cooker boasts a capacity of 1.0L, making it an ideal kitchen appliance for small families or individuals in Malaysia who love rice as their primary energy source.

With high-quality materials and a food-grade stainless steel inner pot, this cooker ensures safe and healthy cooking every time. Its simple control system lets users effortlessly set the desired cooking function from among its eleven modes, accommodating various carbohydrate needs beyond just rice! Plus, the automatic keep-warm function keeps your cooked rice warm for extended periods without overheating prevention concerns thanks to its thermal fuse protection feature.


  • With a capacity of 1.0L, it is ideal for small households or individuals who use
  • It offers 11 different cooking modes, providing versatility in preparing various types of rice.
  • The control system is simple and allows for convenient operation and easy usage.
  • The inner pot is made of food-grade stainless steel without harmful coatings, safeguarding your health.


  • The power cord is not retractable, which might cause storage issues.
  • There are no advanced features like delayed start or pre-set timers.

If planning is more your style, you can use the cleverly incorporated 24-hour pre-set timer for hassle-free meal preparation.

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7 – Faber Rice Cooker RISO 18

Space Efficient

Faber is all about space efficiency and convenient usage.

The Faber Rice Cooker RISO 18 is a versatile and convenient kitchen appliance for rice lovers. Its sizeable digital panel display offers easy operation and allows you to adjust the cooking settings effortlessly.

The non-stick-coated inner pot makes cleaning a breeze, saving you time and effort in the kitchen. With a generous 1.8-litre capacity, this rice cooker can cook large quantities of rice, perfect for family meals or gatherings.

It also features a 24-hour pre-set timer, allowing you to plan your cooking and have perfectly cooked rice whenever needed. Additionally, the keep warm function keeps your rice hot and ready to eat for an extended period without drying out or losing its texture.


  • Large digital panel display for easy operation
  • Non-stick coated inner pot for easy cleaning
  • Generous 1.8-litre capacity
  • 24-hour pre-set timer for convenient cooking


  • Some users have reported that the rice sticks to the bottom of the pot, which can be challenging to clean.
  • Due to its lower price, the build quality may be lower than other premium models, potentially affecting its longevity.
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8 – Giselle Electric Digital KEA0372/KEA0373/KEA0376GD

Multipurpose rice cooker

The Giselle Rice Cooker is an ideal appliance for your kitchen. It features a thick non-stick inner container that makes cleaning easier than ever, and its multipurpose feature allows it to be used as a rice cooker or steamer for up to 4 pax serving. Moreover, this product has a user-friendly preprogrammed cooking menu that ensures optimal results with minimal effort. For added comfort, the anti-scalding handle design and heat insulation keep any risk of burns at bay while the annular heating base promises uniform heating and fast cooking times so you can enjoy delicious food in no time.

With the Giselle, you don’t have to worry about messy cleanups afterwards – its non-stick interior will make all the difference regarding easy cleanup and maintenance! Not only does this product provide quick results, but its safety features also ensure that there won’t be any nasty accidents like scalding or burn injuries while using it. Finally, its unique annular heating base ensures even heat distribution which helps reduce energy consumption during cooking time!


  • Multifunctional rice cooker, perfect for cooking porridge, soup, hot pot and noodles.
  • Pre-programmed cooking menu, easy to operate with one button click.
  • An annular heating base provides uniform heat distribution for faster and more efficient cooking.


  • The lid is not removable and water might accumulate on the inner pot during washing, making cleaning difficult.
  • The power cable may be too short, making it inconvenient to place the rice cooker in a desired location requiring longer cable length.
  • The nonstick surface of the inner pot may wear off with extended usage over time.
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9 – Midea Rice Cooker MG-GP18B 1.8L

Versatile Option

The Midea MG-GP18B rice cooker is a standout option among the best rice cookers in Malaysia. This versatile appliance offers automatic cooking, making it incredibly convenient to use.

With its 1.8L capacity, it’s perfect for small to medium-sized families. The MG-GP18B also features a conventional cooking mode, ensuring your rice is always cooked perfectly.

Made with high-quality materials, this rice cooker is built to last and provides long-lasting performance. It even comes with a measuring cup and rice paddle, so you can easily measure and serve your cooked rice without hassle.

In addition to its reliable functionality, the Midea MG-GP18B offers some great features that enhance its overall value. For instance, it has a detachable power cord for easy storage when not in use, saving you precious countertop space.


  • Affordable and offers value for money
  • Equipped with automatic cooking features for ease of use
  • Features a detachable power cord for convenient storage
  • Known for its reliable performance and durability


  • The size might be too small for larger families
  • The simplistic design may not appeal to users looking for a stylish appliance.
  • Limited cooking options compared to other models.
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10 – Midea 1.0L Rice Cooker MB-FSE10

Most Convenient Option

The Midea 8L Smart Rice Cooker LED MB-FS17 is a handy kitchen appliance that provides convenience to the cooking process. You can cook various meals with five different cooking modes with just one machine. Plus, its micro pressure steam valve seals in flavour and keeps my food moist longer without overcooking or burning it.

Not only is this rice cooker mighty and efficient, but it also has so many features that make the cooking experience easier than ever before – like the 24-hour reservation function, which lets me delay my meal’s start time so that I can have a fresh hot dish when I get home from work! And since it comes with a removable inner lid with T5mm nonstick coating, cleaning up afterwards is super easy too!


  • 5 cooking mode
  • Micropressure steam valve
  • 24-hour reservation
  • LED Digital status


  • Cleaning the rice cooker can be difficult due to its complex structure
  • The power consumption of this product is higher than other models
  • It may not accommodate larger amounts of food despite having a 1.8L capacity
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How to Choose the Right Rice Cooker

When choosing the right rice cooker, consider factors such as size and capacity, features and functionality, ease of maintenance, and budget and price.

Size and Capacity

Rice cookers vary significantly in size and capacity, from compact models perfect for a single person to large units capable of feeding a whole family or even larger groups. The one you choose must be suited to your usual serving requirements and kitchen space availability.

Large cookers can handle up to 10 servings simultaneously – ideal for prominent families or frequent rice eaters. Remember that certain models are designed explicitly for specific types of rice, so consider what kind you usually consume when deciding.

Features and Functionality

Rice cookers today boast many features to simplify and enhance your cooking experience. In advanced models, versatile settings such as quick, slow, sautéing, browning, steaming, and baking are standard.

Many multi-functional rice cooker models offer these impressive options for various types of food preparation.

Another essential function is the automatic keep warm feature which guarantees that your cooked rice stays hot for extended periods without burning or drying out. Equally important are non-stick inner pots, which improve heat distribution and make cleaning more manageable after use.

Other desirable features include LED displays for easy viewing and operation, pre-set buttons for one-touch convenience, and intelligent heating technology ensuring evenly cooked dishes every time.

Innovative rice cookers also come with thermal fuse protection, which shuts off the appliance when it overheats, thus providing safety during use. The detachable power cord simplifies storage while cool touch handles prevent accidental burns when handling the device.

The energy efficiency factor is a bonus with low-power consumption models on the market now too! For those who value timing, look out for models with an intelligent reservation feature that allows you to set a specific time for your rice to be ready – serving up fluffy grains right on cue!

Remember, only some of these features may be necessary, so prioritize based on what fits into your lifestyle best! The perfect blend of functionality can turn meal prep from chore-like to enjoyable.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining your rice cooker should feel like a smooth process. For instance, rice cookers with non-stick inner pots dramatically simplify the cleanup process. A quick rinse or wipe-down is often needed to keep these appliances clean and ready.

More advanced models even feature steam valves that stop water from dripping on the pot’s edge, ensuring a tidy cooking environment. Gone are the days of scrubbing starchy residue off your appliance; these features make for effortless maintenance post-cooking.

Furthermore, rinsing your rice can also assist in maintaining cleanliness by eliminating excess starch and stopping any potential boil-over disasters before they happen.

Budget and Price

Every potential rice cooker buyer must consider their budget and the price of the appliance. Rice cookers on the Malaysian market offer a wide range of prices, from RM83.50 to as much as RM849.

It’s crucial not to compromise quality for cost, so buyers should explore various brands and models to find a balance between affordability and function. Online shopping platforms like Shopee or Lazada offer promotional offers to help you secure a good deal on your preferred model.



n conclusion, whether you’re cooking for one or a big family, a rice cooker in Malaysia suits your needs. These top 10 options offer convenience and versatility in the kitchen.

Say goodbye to burnt rice and hello to perfectly cooked grains every time with one of these reliable rice cookers.