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16 Reasons to Cook with an Air Fryer

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Air fryers have been popping up in kitchens everywhere. They are the latest trendy kitchen appliance that is healthier and more innovative than a traditional deep fryer or oven. The benefits of this cooking method are plentiful, with many people claiming they use them as often as their microwave!

If you’re looking for some new ways to cook your favourite foods, why not give an air fryer a try? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 16 reasons why you should start cooking with an air fryer today!

Healthier Food

The air fryer is an innovative way to cook food without having the fat that comes from deep frying. Air frying results in a healthier meal because there are no oil or fats used as it cooks!

Delicious Food

Cooking with an air fryer means you can use any food, not just fried ones! You’ll have endless options for delicious new dishes.

No Messy Oils

Because there are no oils in the cooking process, your kitchen won’t be covered with messy grease and oil. It’s a much cleaner way to cook!

Healthier Alternative

Some people use the air fryer as a healthy alternative to deep-frying or oven cooking because of how little oil is used in the process. Cooking with an air fryer means you can enjoy fried foods without all the fat!

Versatile Cooking

You can make french fries, chicken fingers, onion rings and more in an air fryer. You’ll be able to cook your favourite foods without the need for a deep-fried or oven-baked version.

Great Results

Many people are pleasantly surprised with how great their food tastes when it comes out of the air fryer! With the constant innovation that has been going on in this area, it is no wonder they produce tasty results.

Easy Clean-Up

Air fryers are easy to clean because there aren’t any oil cooking surfaces like a traditional deep fryer of ovens have. This makes cleanup a breeze, and you won’t be left with as many dishes to wash!

No Need for Other Oils

You won’t need any other oils or fats since the air fryer dries out food before cooking it. All of your favourite fried foods can be cooked without worrying about all those unnecessary fat and calories.


Air frying is also safer than deep frying because there is less oil present in the cooking process. Air fryers are a safe alternative for those looking to enjoy all of their favourite fried foods without the risk of deep-frying or oven baking.

Less Expensive

Air fryers use less electricity and can cook more food at one time, which means you’ll spend less money on your electric bill! You’ll also save money by cooking more food at one time without having to worry about spending on extra oil or frying.

Can Cook Frozen Foods

One of the best benefits that an air fryer can offer is being able to cook frozen foods. Not only do you get the convenience of having a dish already and waiting for your family, but it’s also one less cooking appliance taking up space on your countertop!

Faster Cooking Times

Air fryers are faster than a regular oven. They use less oil and electricity, saving you time in the kitchen while saving money on your electric bill!

Reheating Without Frying

One of the most popular reasons for using air fryers is that they can be used to reheat food without frying it, so if you want something crispy, you can still get that without all the extra calories.

Non-Stick Surface

Air fryers have a non-stick surface which is easy to clean and dishwasher safe! No more worrying about food getting stuck in crevices or difficult to wash surfaces here.

No Added Agents

Unlike most other cooking methods, air fryers don’t require you to add any additional agents so that your food doesn’t stick. This is especially useful on foods like fish and vegetables, which are prone to sticking during cooking without some type of agent.

Extra Tips: Air Fryer Recipes for Beginners


This blog post looked at 16 reasons why cooking with an air fryer could be the best decision you make all year. We hope that our list has piqued your interest, and now you’re ready to hop on board! Now, what are some of your favourite foods?

Have any recipes or ideas for how to use an air fryer creatively? Let us know in the comments below. If you need help deciding which one is right for you, check out our buyer’s guide, where we break down each type of air fryer and its features so that it’s easy to decide which style will work best for your kitchen space. Happy Air frying!

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