10 Best Digital Door Lock Singapore – 2024 Review

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Singapore is known for its advanced technology and modern infrastructure, so it’s no surprise that digital door locks are becoming increasingly popular in the city-state. Digital door locks provide enhanced security and convenience compared to traditional mechanical systems due to their high level of automation, which results in improved control over who can enter a space. With advancements such as keyless access, biometric recognition and smartphone compatibility, digital door locks offer an unprecedented combination of safety and ease-of-use for homeowners and business owners alike. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of using a digital door lock system as well as review the top 10 best models currently available in Singapore for 2024. Continue reading to learn more about how these amazing products can help secure your home or business!

Table of Contents

  • Best Digital Door Lock Comparison Table
  • What is a Digital Door Lock?
    1. Easy to Install: SINGGATE FM021
    2. Smart Bell Feature: Samsung SHP-DP609
    3. Double Locking Function: Samsung SHS-1321
    4. Ultra Slim Design: ATLAS Ultra Slim
    5. User-friendly Interface: Samsung SHP-DP728
    6. Real-time Status Monitoring: Aqara A100
    7. Remote Control System Optional: Yale YDR3110A
    8. Easy and Stylish Installation: Samsung SHP-DH537
    9. Breakage and Intrusion Alarm: Gateman G-Swipe
    10. Built-in Alarm: Schlage S480
  • Conclusion

What is a Digital Door Lock?

A digital door lock is an electronic device used to provide access control to a secure area or building, such as a home. A digital door lock system can be linked to a central monitoring system or other security systems so that entry into the secure area is only allowed with valid authorization and authentication. Digital door locks are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to provide additional security measures for homeowners as well as businesses. These locks come in various designs and varieties, with different types of technology being used in each one.

The most common type of digital door lock uses a keypad which requires users to enter a code in order for them gain access through the locked doors. This method makes it difficult for anyone without authorization (or knowledge about the code) from gaining access inside the premises. Some more advanced models even feature biometric readers, which require users to place their finger on an integrated reader before they are granted entrance into the secured area! The combination of these two methods adds an extra layer of security and prevents unauthorized persons from breaching your property’s safety protocols.

Aside from providing optimal protection against potential intruders, many digital door locks today also offer convenience features like instant locking/unlocking mechanisms when paired with smart devices like iPhone or Android phones – allowing you greater flexibility when managing your household security needs! Additionally, since many of these digital door locks come equipped with built-in alarms systems; you’re always guaranteed an alert should something suspicious occur at any point during your absence from home

Product Price Accessibilities
SINGGATE FM021 $499.00 Fingerprint, Pin Code, Mechanical Keys, RFID Card, WIFI Mobile App Control
Samsung SHP-DP609 $970.00 Fingerprint, Pin Code, Mechanical Keys, RFID Card, WIFI Mobile App Control
Samsung SHS-1321 $144.00 Pin Code, RFID Card, Mobile App Control
ATLAS Ultra Slim $790.00 Pin Code, RFID Card, Mobile App Control
Samsung SHP-DP728 $860.00 Bluetooth, Fingerprint, RFID card, Passcode
Aqara A100 $684.00 Fingerprint, Pin Code, Mechanical Keys, RFID Card, WIFI Mobile App Control
Yale YDR3110A $419.90 Fingerprint, Pin Code, Mechanical Keys,
Samsung SHP-DH537 $585.00 RFID Card and Password
Gateman New G-Swipe $203.38 Fingerprint and Pincode access
Schlage S480 $199.00 PIN, Card or Fob and Fingerprint


Easy to Install

The SINGGATE FM021 Digital Door Lock is the ideal option for individuals seeking a secure and reliable lock system. It has dual-way fingerprint verification which makes it easy to unlock, even with just one finger from either side. The scramble code design ensures that no one outside can figure out your password or get access to your house. Moreover, its anti-pry alarm will activate if anyone attempts to force open the door, so you’re always protected against intruders. The high-quality zinc alloy construction further enhances its reliability while making sure that it lasts for a long time without any issues. Finally, it also has an integrated lithium rechargeable battery so you won’t ever have to worry about running out of power or unlocking the door in case of an outage.

The SINGGATE FM021 Digital Door Lock is the perfect choice when it comes to convenience and security combined in one package! Its dual-way fingerprint verification feature saves time from having to manually enter a code every time you need access while still being highly secure at the same time – giving you peace of mind knowing that your family is safe and sound inside their home. Additionally, its anti-pry alarm will alert authorities if someone tries breaking in through any means, guaranteeing maximum protection even during those times when you’re away from home.

With all these features packed into one product plus its durable build quality making sure that it’s built for your safety needs – what more could you ask for? Look no further than the SINGGATE FM021 Digital Door Lock for all of your security requirements as this dependable product will not disappoint! Go ahead and purchase yours today –you’ll surely be glad you did afterwards!


  • Provides dual authentication with keypad, fingerprint and access cards
  • High-security features such as anti-pry lock alarm and scramble code designs
  • Long-lasting battery life of up to 6 months with a single charge


  • Difficult user interface
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2. Samsung SHP-DP609

Smart Bell Feature

The Samsung SHP-DP609 is an intelligent and reliable security solution for your home. With its push-pull handle, you can open and close your door quickly and easily. Additionally, the fast and accurate fingerprint sensor eliminates the need to fumble with keys or remember complex passcodes. Moreover, the Smart Bell allows you to receive notifications when visitors press on the touchpad without any wires or extra setup required.

Furthermore, the Random Security Code feature adds an extra layer of security by generating two randomly chosen numbers before entering your password each time you unlock it. This ensures that only authorized users can gain access to your door easily yet securely at all times. And with View Access logs, you’ll be able to keep track of who enters and leaves your home so that you’re always aware of what’s going on in real time!

The Samsung SHP-DP609 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a robust security system for your home or office that looks great too! Providing both convenience and safety, this lock offers features like no other out there today — making sure no intruder can get through unless they know exactly what they are doing – something only possible with modern technology like this one! Try it out today – we guarantee satisfaction!


  • Easy to open and close with a Push-Pull handle
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint recognition for secure access
  • Enhanced user data security with WhiteBox Cryptography, App Hardening, Secure Encapsulation


  • Professional installation may be required, leading to extra costs.
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3. Samsung SHS-1321

Double Locking Function

The Samsung SHS-1321 is an ideal digital door lock for anyone who needs enhanced security and convenience. Equipped with four touch keys, the easy-to-use unit makes access control easier than ever. Not only that but the automatic locking function ensures you don’t have to worry about re-locking your doors after you’ve opened them. This is very useful if you are in a hurry or leaving for vacation and need peace of mind that your home will remain secure while away.

On top of the automatic locking feature, the Samsung SHS-1321 comes with two extra safety features; a fire alarm and a double locking mechanism. With a built-in fire alarm system, any suspicious heat activity detected near it will trigger an alert which can be heard from outside and also opens the door automatically when needed inside its vicinity making sure everyone gets out safely during emergency situations. Additionally, it has a double locking mechanism so no one can easily tamper with it from outside – another level of guarantee on your safety and privacy!

If you’re looking for something that offers great security as well as protecting those living within your property then look no further than this intelligent digital door lock! With 20 RF cards that can be registered, this device is perfectly suitable for large residences or office buildings where access control must be monitored closely without losing out on reliability or quality performance standards over time – highly recommended! So don’t miss out on such incredible benefits and get yours today!


  • RF card access for up to 20 users
  • Automatic locking and unlocking system
  • Fire alarm and auto door opening feature in case of fire


  • The battery compartment is difficult to open.
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4. ATLAS Ultra Slim

Ultra Slim Design

The ATLAS Ultra Slim is the perfect solution for those looking for a high-tech and secure security system. Its sleek, slim design takes up minimal space in the home or office while providing unbeatable protection. The Lithium powered battery provides a year of use on a single charge, meaning you won’t need to worry about replacing it any time soon!

The Luxetouch™ Panel with semiconductor fingerprint scanner ensures unparalleled security with its easy access features like RFID Card access, number PIN entry, voice navigation and mechanical key access options. You can even use the compatible app to monitor your system from anywhere at any time and have complete control over who has access to your space.

Get ready for maximum safety and convenience when you install the ATLAS Ultra Slim Security System! With its top-of-the-line features such as an ultra slim design, long-lasting battery life, Luxetouch™ Panel with a semiconductor fingerprint scanner and more – there’s no better way to protect what matters most! So don’t wait: get yours today!


  • Uncompromised sophistication and dependability
  • LuxeTouch™ Panel powered by top-of-the-line programming for complete access permission control
  • A range of access options including semiconductor fingerprint recognition, voice navigation, RFID Card access and mechanical key


  • May not work with older home systems
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5. Samsung SHP-DP728

User-friendly Interface

The Samsung SHP-DP728 is an advanced, smart door lock system that offers the best in security and convenience. It comes with a range of features that make sure your property’s security is always up to date. The fingerprint, pin code and RFID registration can accommodate up to 100 users, meaning you don’t have to worry about giving out too many keys or remembering passwords for each member of your household. You can also use the convenient smartphone unlock feature via Wi-Fi, which will alert you when someone enters or leaves the premises.

The Samsung SHP-DP728 really goes above and beyond when it comes to safety, thanks to its anti-hacking feature with two physical emergency mechanical keys. This way you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that even if a hacker does get through your password they won’t be able to access any vital information. In addition, this device provides low battery indications with audio prompts so you never run out of power on your lock unexpectedly!

Overall the Samsung SHP-DP728 is one of the most secure and reliable door locks available today – perfect for keeping all those unwanted visitors away from your home or office! It has everything that modern living demands – convenience coupled with advanced security technologies – ensuring we’re protected against any threats no matter what time of day it may be. If are constantly worried about home security then I highly recommend investing in this product – it’ll definitely help give you some much-needed peace of mind!


  • 4 different unlock options: Smartphone App, Fingerprint, Pincode or Mechanical Key.
  • Able to register up to 100 fingerprints, 100 pin codes and 100 tag cards.
  • External 9v battery power terminals and smart movement sensor for added security.


  • External 9v battery power terminals require complicated installation
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6. Aqara A100

Real-time Status Monitoring

The Aqara A100 is a great smart lock solution that provides unbeatable convenience and control. It allows you to keep an eye on your door from anywhere with the ability to check its real-time status in the Aqara Home or Apple Home, as well as get notifications for any locking and unlocking activities. You can also use this lock with popular voice assistant services like Google Assistant to quickly unlock your door without using keys.

The Aqara A100 also lets you set up automation of other smart devices when it detects certain activities – such as arming your home security system when the door locks or turning on lights when someone unlocks it during nighttime. This feature adds another layer of safety and peace of mind, while simultaneously making life easier by taking care of those mundane tasks automatically for you!

If you’re looking for a smarter way to manage access to your home, look no further than the fantastic features offered by the Aqara A100 Smart Lock. With its superior security protocols, convenient setup process and reliable connectivity options, this product is sure to make managing access to your home simple and stress-free! Don’t wait – get yours now so that you can start enjoying increased levels of security today!


  • Easy-to-use access control with Apple Home, Apple Home Keys, and Google Assistant
  • Automation by triggering other smart devices upon locking and unlocking
  • 18-month battery life for reliable operation


  • Can be expensive to purchase
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7. Yale YDR3110A

Remote Control System Optional

The Yale YDR3110A door lock is an innovative and reliable addition to any home. It offers robust security with easy-scan fingerprint technology, enabling you to open your door with just one touch. The remote control feature (optional) gives you even more convenience and peace of mind; now, you can access the lock from up to 30m away. Plus, it’s compatible with Z wave & Bluetooth devices, enabling you to control your lock remotely and securely using your smartphone or handheld device.

In addition to its advanced technology features, the Yale YDR3110A also boasts numerous safety benefits that make it a great choice for homeowners who want complete protection from intruders. With its automatic locking system and low battery alarm notifications, this secure solution helps keep your family safe while also providing the convenience of keyless entry access when needed. Lastly, in case of emergency power outages or lost keys, this product comes equipped with a mechanical override so that you can still gain access to your home without compromising security or safety protocols.

All in all, if you’re looking for a smart yet reliable way to protect your home without sacrificing comfort or ease of use then look no further than the Yale YDR3110A door lock! Not only does it provide top-of-the-line security measures but it also comes equipped with plenty of convenient features so that gaining entry into your house will be effortless every time – no matter what situation arises! So why wait? Upgrade the security on your property today and enjoy full access at all times – guaranteed!


  • Easy access with 5-in-one technology
  • Secure One-touch fingerprint verification (Easy Scan)
  • Automatic locking for maximum security


  • Installation can be difficult and time-consuming
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8. Samsung SHP-DH537

Easy and Stylish Installation

The Samsung SHP-DH537 is an excellent choice for security and peace of mind. As a digital entrance lock, it has expansive features that make it stand out amongst the competition. Its RFID card, passcode and mechanical key authentication systems make sure that only authorized personnel can access the premises. Additionally, its vacation mode alarm will alert users if anyone attempts to open the door while away from home.

Moreover, this product also includes random security code technology to deter smudge-guessing attempts by unwanted visitors or intruders. Having won both iF and Red Dot Design awards, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality either: form meets function in this outstanding package! All these qualities together mean that no other entry lock can come close to providing you with such peace of mind when securing your home or business.

In a nutshell: If your priority is reliability alongside great design and top-notch features, then look no further than the Samsung SHP-DH537 for all your entrance security needs! Don’t take chances with inferior locks – try out this trusted device today and know that every time you unlock the door you are in safe hands.


  • 4 Different Authentication methods to unlock
  • Assurance knob feature for child-proofing
  • Random security code entry for added security


  • Expensive compared to traditional locks
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9. Gateman G-Swipe

Breakage and Intrusion Alarm

The Gateman G-Swipe is an innovative new security solution for anyone that desires the utmost protection. This multifunctional device offers both fingerprint and pin code access, providing a double layer of authentication to keep your home secure. A 3-minute lock function protects against failed attempts, while residual fingerprints prevention ensures no one else can gain access to their prints.

Beyond safety features, the G-Swipe also has a lot of convenience features as well. You can opt into either Automatic or Manual Lock mode depending on your preferences, and it comes equipped with voice guidance and self-diagnosis functionality – allowing you to quickly receive and understand pertinent information about this keyless entry system’s status without having to pull out your manual each time you need to know something about its current state.

The Gateman G-Swipe is certainly a worthwhile addition for anyone looking for extra peace of mind when it comes to protecting their home from unwanted intruders. If you’re looking for an efficient way to secure your property, I highly recommend giving this electronic locking system a try!


  • Encrypted security using fingerprint and pin code access
  • 3-minute lock function for failed attempts
  • Automatic and manual lock mode with voice guidance


  • Requires regular battery replacement
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10. Schlage S480

Built-in Alarm

Schlage S480 is a great way to increase the security of your home. With its access system, you can enter your home through a user PIN, card or fob and fingerprint. This ensures that only those with authorization can get in. The built-in alarm senses potential door attacks feature also gives added peace of mind as it alerts you to any suspicious activity surrounding your front door. In addition, the random PIN number function protects your entry code so no one else can guess it apart from yourself.

This device also has an illuminated numeric touchpad that allows for easy use even at night time which adds convenience and safety when coming home late at night after work or school. Plus, this product features a Door re-locks itself option which means if for some reason you have left the door unlocked by accident then it will automatically lock again without needing anyone to manually do so!

All in all, Schlage S480 is an excellent choice when it comes to increasing the security of your house against any unwelcome intruders while simultaneously making life easier for yourself and those living in the house by providing convenience and ease of use thanks to its numerous features such as automatic locking etc. So don’t wait a minute longer; get this product now and experience increased peace of mind day after day!


  • Ensures secure access to your home with user PIN, card or fob and fingerprint recognition
  • The random PIN number function adds extra protection to your entry code
  • The door re-locks itself when left unlocked for added security


  • Needs to be professionally installed
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In conclusion, digital door locks offer a great way to keep your home or office safe and secure. They provide increased security and convenience with easy installation, flexible access options, stylish appearances, and more. From keyless entry systems to biometric scans to card access solutions and smartphone connected digital locks – there is something for everyone in the market. We hope that this article has given you useful information about making an informed decision when purchasing a digital door lock.