10 Best Garment Steamer in Singapore – 2024 Review

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When it comes to taking care of your clothes and keeping them wrinkle-free, a garment steamer can come in handy. Whether you’re running late for work and need to get the wrinkles out of your shirt or want to give all your curtains an upgrade, these steamers are the perfect tool for getting rid of creases quickly and easily! Garment steamers offer many advantages compared with traditional ironing. In this blog post, we will be reviewing the top 10 best garment steamers available in Singapore in 2023 as well as discussing some important factors that you should look at when shopping for one. So stay tuned if you’re looking for a new appliance that might just revolutionize how you take care of your clothes! Read on to find out more about which product is right for you and begin achieving perfectly crisp fabric today.

Here are our top choices for the best garment steam in Singapore:

Table of Contents

  • Best Garment Steamer Comparison Table
    1. Compact Design: Philips Steam &Go GC362/86
    2. Secondary Heating Panel: Xiaomi ZAJIA GT-306W
    3. Easy to fill Water Tank: Aerogaz AZ-206GS
    4. Suitable for All Fabric Types: Tefal Garment Steam IT3440
    5. Lightweight Design: PHILIPS Handheld Steamer STH1000/16
    6. Fast Heat-Up Time: Midea YGD20D7
    7. Large Water Tank Capacity: Haier GW2502B
    8. Highly Efficient Penetration: HODEKT Garment Steamer
    9. 3 Steam Settings: PowerPac PPIN617
    10. Dual Heating Technology: Philips 8000 GC628/86
  • Factors to Consider When Choosing a Garment Steamer
  • Garment Steamer vs. Steam Iron
  • Conclusion

Comparison Table

Product Price Continuous Steam Water Tank
Philips Steam &Go $69.90 24g/min 70ml
Xiaomi ZAJIA GT-306W $27.90 22g/min 150ml
Aerogaz AZ-206GS $51.90 20g/min 1.2L
Tefal Garment Steam IT3440 $149.00 20g/min 1.5L
PHILIPS Handheld Steamer STH1000/16 $52.00 18g/min 85 ml
Midea YGD20D7 $99.00 32g/min 2L
Haier GW2502B $24.90 18g/min 250ml
HODEKT Garment Steamer $23.00 15g/min 130ml
PowerPac PPIN617 $29.90 25g/min 380ml
Philips 8000 GC628/86 $519.00 90g/min 2L

1. Philips Steam &Go GC362/86

Compact Design

With the Philips Steam & Go, you will be able to quickly and easily de-wrinkle all your garments without having to drag out an ironing board. It features a SmartFlow heated plate which provides better steaming results than ever before. The continuous steam feature ensures that even large items such as sheets and curtains can be quickly de-wrinkled with ease. Additionally, the brush accessory which is included with the Philips Steam & Go allows for more thorough steaming of thicker fabrics such as coats or sweaters ensuring that there are no unsightly wrinkles left behind. On top of all this, it guarantees not to burn your clothes so you can trust that your fabrics will remain safe and sound while being steamed!

All in all, the Philips Steam & Go has revolutionised traditional methods of garment care making it now easier than ever before to look put together every day. Not only does it help to keep wrinkles at bay but also helps conserve energy by eliminating the need for an ironing board meaning less electricity must be used up during its usage. Plus, lasting 30 minutes on one tank of water makes sure that it’s easy to use time after time without having to refill constantly – increasing convenience further still more!

If you’re looking for a faster way to keep your wardrobe fresh then definitely consider investing in a Philips Steam & go today! Gone are the days when hours must be spent struggling over an ironing board; instead enjoy effortless wrinkle maintenance from here on out with this amazing product from Philips guaranteed not just quick results but also complete safety when working delicate fabric materials too! Try it now and see what you think – we promise satisfaction with every purchase made!


  • Gently de-wrinkles clothes without an ironing board
  • Continuous steam makes it easier to remove wrinkles quickly
  • Kills 99.9%* of bacteria for a hygienic finish


  • Small steaming surface area
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2. Xiaomi ZAJIA GT-306W

Secondary Heating Panel

The Xiaomi ZAJIA GT-306W is an ingenious combination of a steam and ironing machine that is easy to use, fast heating and suitable for all kinds of fabrics. It’s ideal for those who are short on time or struggle with creases as it eliminates the need for two separate appliances. Its long-lasting stable steam injection provides extra assurance in preventing damage to clothes without sacrificing effectiveness. In addition, it’s one-button operation means great ease of use coupled with minimal noise when pressing the button – perfect if you’re trying to get laundry done late at night!

Not only is this appliance highly practical but it also has other impressive benefits too; most notably it prevents water damage compared to traditional irons which rely on more direct contact between the fabric and the heat source. This makes the Xiaomi ZAJIA GT-306W a great choice if you have delicate clothes such as silk or lace which require special care. So why not invest in this excellent product today?

The Xiaomi ZAJIA GT-306W is a must-have appliance; save time, money and hassle by ditching your standard ironing setup now! With its exceptional features such as fast heating, reliable steam injection and ease of use combined with its suitability for various fabrics make this product an absolute no-brainer. Furthermore, due to its advanced technologies, there’s little risk of any harm coming to your cherished clothing items! So what are you waiting for – try out the Xiaomi ZAJIA GT-306W today!


  • Steam and ironing 2 in 1, suitable for a variety of fabrics
  • Fast heating with no damage to clothes
  • Long-lasting stable steam injection with straight-line jet


  • Limited water tank capacity (150ml)
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3. Aerogaz AZ-206GS

Easy to fill Water Tank

The Aerogaz AZ-206GS is an excellent choice for anybody in need of quick and efficient ironing. With its stainless steel soleplate, it glides easily over garments to remove wrinkles with ease. The removable fabric brush allows you to achieve more thorough steam that quickly eliminates creases on your clothing pieces, allowing you to look your best with minimal effort.

Additionally, the easy-fill water tank with automatic shut-off and reset feature provides peace of mind when using this product as it will let you know when it needs refilling and turn the power off automatically if left unattended. This also helps conserve energy while still delivering top-performance results every time! And finally, the long power cord gives you plenty of reach so that no matter what surface or area in the room needs steaming; this device can be sure to provide optimal convenience without sacrificing any quality or effectivity.

All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable garment steamer at an affordable price point – then look no further than Aerogaz AZ-206GS. Bring out your inner fashionista with the minimal effort today!


  • Removes wrinkles more effectively than ordinary iron
  • Eliminates odours with hot steam
  • Automatic shut-off & reset for added safety


  • Quite bulky and heavy
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4. Tefal Garment Steam IT3440

Suitable for All Fabric Types

The Tefal Garment Steam IT3440 is an ideal choice for anyone looking to quickly and efficiently steam their clothes. Its 45-second heat-up time ensures you won’t be waiting around while your clothes are steamed, letting you get on with other tasks in the meantime. The exclusive patented vertical Steam & Press support makes it much easier to steam large items of clothing or those which are tricky to manage, such as bags and shoes.

The 1800W power paired with a 30 g/min continuous steam output gives a powerful burst of steam every time, helping you remove even the toughest creases from your garments. Furthermore, its extra large metal head allows for more precise targeting when tackling difficult areas and its three levels of steam mean that no matter what fabric type you’re dealing with they can all be handled easily without causing damage or shrinking the material. Finally, the removable 5L water tank means refills will rarely be necessary since it has enough capacity to handle several garments in one go before needing a refill – saving both energy and time!

3If you’re looking for reliable garment steaming then look no further than the Tefal Garment Steam IT3440! Its quick heat-up times, powerful bursts of steam and easy manoeuvrability make it perfect for quickly refreshing any wardrobe collection – why don’t you give it a try today?


  • 45-second heat-up time for quick and efficient steaming
  • 1800W of power with 30 g/minute continuous steam output
  • Removable 1.5L water tank with 3 levels of steam settings for greater convenience


  • High power consumption
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5. PHILIPS Handheld Steamer STH1000/16

Lightweight Design

The PHILIPS Handheld Steamer STH1000/16 is a great choice for anyone who wants a quick and convenient way to freshen up their clothes. With its incredibly fast start-up time, you can steam in as little as 35 seconds so there’s no need to wait around for your garments to be ready. It also kills up to 99.9% of bacteria* so that all dirt, dust and odours are quickly eliminated from your clothes.

The steamer has an impressive 18g/min continuous steam flow with an 85 ml detachable water tank, powered by 900W which ensures that even the most stubborn wrinkles won’t stand a chance! And since it doesn’t require an ironing board to use, you can get straight down to business without any extra hassle or mess – perfect for those times when you’re in a hurry!

If you want professional-level clothing care but don’t have too much time on your hands then the PHILIPS Handheld Steamer STH1000/16 is definitely worth considering! Its efficiency combined with its convenience makes this device invaluable if garment care needs doing in a short amount of time – why not give it a try today?


  • Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria* to refresh and remove odors
  • Ready to start steaming in just 35 seconds
  • No ironing board or burn is necessary for quick de-wrinkling


  • Little capacity in the detachable water tank
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6. Midea YGD20D7

Fast Heat-Up Time

The Midea YGD20D7 steam generator iron is an excellent choice for anyone looking to streamline their ironing experience. With a 5-litre removable water tank and a fast heat-up time, this versatile tool takes the anxiety out of tackling piles of clothes. Three-level steaming lets you customize your work according to fabric type – providing added protection that won’t damage delicate garments. Furthermore, it’s 9-holes and super-size steam head ensure even distribution across all types of fabrics while dual temperature protection prevents accidents from overheating or scalding yourself.

This product not only provides speed and convenience but also peace of mind thanks to its range of advanced safety features. For instance, it automatically shuts off when the lid is opened – preventing unnecessary injury caused by forgetting to switch it off after use – as well as a smart power cord design which prevents tangling during storage or transport in between uses. These considerations make this machine ideal for both professional and home use alike, no matter how much laundering needs done!

3 If you’re searching for an efficient way to make laundry day simpler, then look no further than the Midea YGD20D7 Steam Generator Iron! With advanced features such as 3-lex steaming, fast heat-up times, 9-holes & a big-size steam head plus protective measures against overheating & injuries, this reliable appliance will become indispensable in your home so why wait? Try it today & feel the difference!


  • 3-Level Steaming for customised settings
  • Dual Temperature Protection for reliable performance
  • Large Water Tank capacity of 1.5 Liters


  • No self-cleaning function
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7. Haier GW2502B

Large Water Tank Capacity

The Haier GW2502B Garment Steamer is an excellent choice for anyone looking to safely and quickly steam their clothes. It’s lightweight and easy to use, making it a great option for home or travel. What I really love about this steamer is its three-dimensional design that ensures a comfortable grip, even during long periods of use. Plus, the nano-soft plastic provides a protective layer on delicate fabrics so I don’t have to worry about damaging my favourite clothing items!

With its high-pressure steam technology, I can efficiently get rid of wrinkles in no time at all! Its compact size also makes it great for storage when not in use and convenient enough to bring with me when I’m travelling away from home. This steamer has been one of the best investments that I’ve ever made – plus using it couldn’t be easier!

If you’re looking for an efficient way to keep your clothing wrinkle-free without having to take out your ironing board every now and then, then the Haier GW2502B Garment Steamer is definitely worth considering! Not only will you save time but you’ll also avoid any potential damage caused by conventional irons as well as enjoy convenience through portability whether at home or away on vacation. Don’t miss out on this amazing product – try it out today!


  • Variable steam control to adjust the amount of steam
  • Automatic shut off when the steamer is too hot or low on water
  • Adjustable pole height allows you to customize your garment steaming experience


  • Can be noisy when in use
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8. HODEKT Garment Steamer

Highly Efficient Penetration

The HODEKT garment steamer is an essential tool for every wardrobe. With its 800W powerful steam, it effectively removes wrinkles from a variety of fabrics and helps protect the fabric while keeping you looking your best. This lightweight, portable device features SteamPlus technology and has a stainless steel smooth panel that creates wide steam coverage, making ironing clothes easier than ever before.

Not only is the HODEKT garment steamer easy to use with one button control operation, but it also offers thoughtful safety features such as auto power off when heating over 140℃ and a three-layer temperature control protection system which gives users peace of mind while they use this product. Additionally, its 15g/min steam output allows for efficient and speedy wrinkle removal even on heavy or delicate garments in just 8-10 minutes without having to worry about scorching or damaging the fabric!

Look no further if you’re in search of an effective yet safe way to efficiently remove wrinkles from your clothing – purchase the HODEKT garment steamer today for quick and effortless touch-ups even when you’re on the go!


  • 800W powerful steam, care of the clothes and effectively removing the wrinkle of clothes.
  • Three-Layer security protection, smart Temperature control, fuse dual-layer protection and auto-power off when heating over 140℃.
  • Lightweight & portable, it is small in size for one hand to hold with a Foldable design for easy carrying and storage.


  • Not suitable for large items such as curtains
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9. PowerPac PPIN617

3 Steam Settings

The PowerPac PPIN617 is a great choice for busy households and people who want to get their clothes looking fresh in no time. With its 38-second fast start-up, you can easily get your clothes ready within minutes of starting the steamer, making it perfect for those last-minute clothing changes when you’re running late.

The three steam settings provide flexibility and control; from gentle steam over delicate fabrics to a powerful continuous steam rate for up to 15 minutes on hard-to-treat garments. Plus, the light and compact design allows for easier storage so you can take this steamer with you wherever life takes you!

Along with its impressive performance capabilities, the PPIN617 comes with an added bonus—a 380ml detachable water tank that makes refilling simple and easy as well as a brush accessory included in the package. Having these attachments ensures that you don’t have to worry about any difficult setups while using this machine since they are all designed specifically to make operations more convenient than ever before!

If you’ve been searching for an effective steamer at an affordable price then look no further than the PowerPac PPIN617! This machine is perfect if you need quick garment care without compromising on quality or features like adjustable steam control settings and extended times between which allow hassle-free de-wrinkling of your garments without fail every time. Now is definitely the time to invest in a reliable product that will help make your wardrobe look better than ever––so what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one today!


  • Fast start-up in just 38 seconds
    -Up to 25g/min continuous steam rate for up to 15 minutes
    -Lightweight and compact design with detachable water tank for easier filling


  • Small water tank capacity
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10. Philips 8000 GC628/86

Dual Heating Technology

The Philips 8000 GC628/86 is a great choice for those looking to take their garment care to the next level. With its Dual Heating technology and OptimalTEMP, this steamer ensures powerful penetrating steam that won’t leave you with any burns. What’s more, it’s got a continuous flow of steam to ensure great results on your clothes!

This machine also comes with a handy dock where you can place the steamer when not in use and easy-to-move wheels for easy transportation – so if you need to get it from one room to another quickly, it won’t be an issue at all. Not only does this make steaming easier but it helps keep your home neat too!

If you’re looking for a high-quality garment care solution that can keep up with your lifestyle while still being gentle enough on materials, then look no further than the Philips 8000 GC628/86 steamer. Its features will help elevate any wardrobe while giving peace of mind knowing fabrics are taken care of safely! Give it a try today and see why everyone is raving about this product!


  • Easily select any angle to steam your garments conveniently
  • OptimalTEMP, no burns guaranteed*
  • Powerful and continuous steam for great results


  • Limited to horizontal surfaces only
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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Garment Steamer

When shopping for a garment steamer, it’s important to take into consideration factors such as price, power, capacity, attachments and weight to find the best option that suits your needs. Keep reading to learn more!


Price should be one of the key factors when choosing a garment steamer, as not all steamers are equally priced. When selecting a garment steamer, you need to consider how much you’re willing to spend and what features you require. You could easily find an inexpensive portable unit with little power or a more expensive model that has additional features like special attachments and adjustable steam settings. Although it’s important to stay within your budget, opting for the cheapest option may leave you unsatisfied in the long term as it might lack some essential functions for your specific requirements. Additionally, buying from reliable brands would likely offer better quality and durability despite being slightly more costly than lesser-known options out there.


Power is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a garment steamer. Steamer wattage will determine how fast and efficient your result would be. Generally, a garment steamer with higher wattage consumes more electricity but offers faster performance. The ideal range for garment steamers lies between 800-1800 watts which is sufficient enough to do light/quick work as well as heavy-duty ones. A more powerful model may also maintain consistent steam output while simultaneously ensuring better wrinkle removal and fabric protection results. Furthermore, having a larger water tank capacity can help maintain longer periods of continuous steaming without needing frequent refills in between jobs – making it an attractive feature for those who frequently use their garment steamer.


When it comes to capacity, many users prefer garment steamers with large water tanks so that they can do several jobs without having to refill the unit. Some of the best garment steamers are able to hold up to 500 ml or more of tap water while some have removable tanks which allow you to use larger amounts of water when steaming. Look for a steamer capable of running continuously for eight minutes or more before needing an additional fill-up.


Attachments are an important factor to consider when choosing a garment steamer. Many garment steamers come with different attachments, such as fabric brushes and lint pads for removing stubborn wrinkles and odours from fabrics. In addition, some garment steamers may also come with telescopic poles so you can easily adjust the height of your steamer depending on how much fabric you need to treat. Some specified purpose attachments are available too, like hats and trousers hangers that fit directly onto the handle or near the base of the unit for easy manipulation whilst steaming.


When looking for the right garment steamer, weight should be an important consideration. We want to find something portable enough that it is easy to move around and use in different areas of the house. The lighter models are likely more convenient than the heavier ones as they provide better mobility and make it easier when travelling with them while still providing sufficient performance levels. It’s also worth checking if a model includes accessories that can add weight, such as additional hoses or attachments. When deciding between steamers, be sure to choose one with a manageable weight so you can get the job done without too much effort.

Garment Steamer vs. Steam Iron

These two were our top two choices when we decided to stop using the flat iron. So, we were able to weigh in on their pros and cons. Steam iron is definitely a safer option than the usual flat iron. It offers the same crispness to the clothes and even provides excellent creases for a particular outfit.

It is also easy and lighter to use. However, the setting up process is basically similar to owning a flat iron. It requires an iron board and a larger space, which we currently do not have.

Garment steamer, on the other hand, reduces wrinkles fast with easy set-up. The clothes can be steamed while hanged, thus requiring less space. The only disadvantage is it will be harder to create a crease using only a garment steamer. Find out more here.


Garment steamers are a great asset in any home, as they make it easy to keep your clothes looking neat and pressed without much effort. When choosing the best garment steamer for you, consider factors such as price, power, capacity, attachments and weight. The above review of the top 10 Garment Steamers in Singapore – 2024 should help you decide which one is perfect for your needs. With good care and maintenance of your garment steamer, you can trust it will maintain its quality performance for years to come!