13 Best Gas Stove in Singapore for Busy Mums in 2021

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You’re looking for a new stove? You want to know which is the best gas stove in Singapore. I can help you with that! In this blog post, we’ll be covering 13 gas stoves from different brands, including Midea and Electrolux. All of them are great options but they do have their own pros and cons so make sure you read through them before settling on one. I also find some short video reviews just in case you need extra information before making your decision!

13 Best Gas Stoves in Singapore

Here is the list of the best gas stoves in Singapore.


1 – Truslink High-Quality Burners Gas Hobs & Cookers

Best of All

Truslink Gas Hobs & Cookers with a Cast Iron Wok Support Rack: Your kitchen won’t know what hit it with this cast iron wok support rack by Truslink. This nifty device is great for reheating, simmering and frying up your favourite dishes!

You’ll never need to worry about uneven heat distribution or scorching the bottom of your pan again – the heavy-duty design will make sure even heating is achieved every time! Take cooking to its full potential today, order yours now!


  • Made of Cast iron, durable and compact.
  • Universal size will fit most Hobs
  • Wok support rack

We deem it a priority for us to find good cast iron quality because it makes a massive difference in the gas smell being emitted when subject to too much heat. You can buy this gas stove brand here.

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2 – Tecno TTCF8SV Table Top Gas Hob. 2 x Burners.

Budget’s Pick

Introducing the Tecno TTCF8SV – now with two burners for increased versatility. The 12-inch hob comes complete with a non-stick pan support so your pans will never slip off again, and three rings of flame control to help you find the perfect heat all at the touch of a button.

It also features an induction safety valve that reduces gas pipe corrosion and provides more cooking options to fit any kitchen style.
Made from high gloss stainless steel material, its sleek design makes this stove perfectly modern in any kitchen – be sure not to miss out on these limited pieces!


  • It’s made for PUB gas supply, so you don’t have to worry about that.
  • The stainless steel material is durable and easy to clean.
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3 – Cornell Table Top Gas Stove Gas Cooker 2 Burners CGS-P1102SSD

Enerfy saving up to 30%

You’ll be the talk of the town with this stainless steel Cornell stove cooker! With its triple-layer insulation and unique technology, your cooking is practically synced with the outdoors. You get an even heat all across the surface since there’s no need for a diffuser plate anymore. Say goodbye to bad burns on your hands – it also has an excellent safety mechanism that you can leave on while not in use so accidental fires are not a problem!

Double burners in one complete structure mean more space to cook at once; two 110mm stainless steel burners mean better flexibility when preparing dishes. And lastly, this product will last ten years due to its stainless steel material! Get yours today before they’re gone!”
Disclaimer: Price


  • Patented Technology – Energy saving up to 30%
  • Automatic Piezo Ignition – 100% Catching Fire
  • 110mm Burner – Double Stainless Steel Cap
  • Stainless Steel Body

One of the best things about this is your cook fast but reduce your energy consumption significantly. Do not miss the best prices for Cornell here.

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4 – Golden Fuji GF-983 (PUB Gas) Double Table Top Burner

If you are looking for a double burner gas stove, that is lightweight and affordable to use over time, then Golden Fuji is your brand.

  • Double Gas Burner with Brass Caps
  • 100mm & 120mm round flame
  • Use PUB Gas

Golden Fuji has one of the easiest gas stoves to stack and use, especially long-term. You can buy it here.

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5 – Rinnai RTL-35KS Table Top Gas Cooker

Made from durable and high-grade stainless steel, you can be assured that this cooker will last daily cooking and extreme heat.

  • Stainless steel top plate
  • Cast-iron burner
  • Piezo ignition
  • Stainless steel casing

After using this for a few months, we found this gas stove to be a favourite not just because of its durability but also because the bit is straightforward to clean or maintain. You can buy this same mode here.

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6 – Aerogaz AZ-983SF Double Table Top Gas Cooker (PUB)

One of the first few things that we look for in a gas stove is its safety features. Aerogaz has addressed all our paranoia with this tabletop gas cooker.

  • Cyclone burner head
  • Enamel finishing cover
  • Flame Failure Safety Device

Apart from being an energy-efficient choice of cooking its overall design is really meant to make cooking safe and easy. It looks elegant on your kitchen counter, too! Buy this gas cooker here.

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7 – Truslink Cassette Stove Portable Windproof Barbecue Outdoor Stoves & Picnic Gas Stove

Are you one of those people who constantly invite people for outdoor food trips? We are sure you will love this cassette stove that is perfect for picnics and other outdoor activities.

  • Overvoltage protection device
  • Heat conductive plate
  • Aluminium alloy furnace head

It is totally portable and is meant to be safe despite outdoor elements like the wind. Cook your favourite finger foods fast and easy using this innovative gas stove. You can purchase this online here.

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8 – Crown Table Top Gas Cooker 238 FSD

Any busy household will definitely require more than one burner and a hardworking gas stove in general. Crown is a famous brand for family kitchens.

  • Strong cast iron burner
  • Double burner with automatic ignition
  • Stainless steel finishing

We love that it does not need too much tweaking to achieve that ideal ignition. So, cooking becomes more seamless and efficient. Check out this Crown gas cooker here.

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9 – Golden Fuji AZ-889 Chimney Pot Gas Burner Set

It is nostalgic and high-powered gas cooker. It makes require a bit of space in the kitchen, but you will find this to be one of the most reliable items in your kitchen

  • Traditional Steamboat – 30cm Chimney Pot Set
  • High Quality & Thick Stainless Steel Pot
  • Come With GF-8000 Automatic ignition cartridge cooker with carrying case

Buy this online today and get an entire Gas burner set, including pots.

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10 – Tecno Super Slim Design Double Burner Table Cooker TTC0303SV (LPG)

As you may have noticed from this list, we really do easily fall for great gas stove aesthetics. This sleek burner is definitely irresistible, and it’s great to know that it does not fall short on performance, either.

  • Super slim design
  • Easy-clean Teflon coated material
  • Triple ring with 2 gang

Easy maintenance and is compatible with almost any pan/pot. Get this sleek design of a gas cooker here.

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11 – EF EFH 3760 TN VS Gas Hob

If you are looking for a triple burner gas stove that does not seem too bulky in your home kitchen, check this product out.

  • 3 Burners
  • Enamelled iron pan support and with safety devices
  • Battery Ignition

It is made from high-quality materials, and we love that it has a strongly supported base, too. Get this online here.

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12 – Prestige Magic Lp Gas Stove Gtmc 2 With Powder Coated Body Glass Top, 2 Brass Burner

Here is another top-notch when it comes to design and function combo. Take a look at its features below:

  • Tri pin burners
  • ergonomic knob design
  • Colour: Medium, Material: Glass

It is also really safe to use as it comes with auto ignition and high heat resistance glass. Get this model online here.

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13 – Brandt TG1120B 2 Zones Gas Hob

Brandt has always been known for its premium materials that they use on their product, so also choosing this gas stove was an easy decision.

  • Tempered glass
  • 30cm
  • 2 cooking zones
  • Cast iron grid supports
  • Thermocouple safety device control panel

Packed with advanced safety features, you can prepare your food with the utmost peace of mind. Buy Brandt products here.

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Cooking Safe with Gas Stoves

You may have heard of some unfortunate accidents involving gas stoves, and this may affect your decision of getting one. Aside from the added safety features that most brands have included in their products, there are also a lot of ways for you to continually err on the safe side while cooking with a gas stove. One of the basic rules is always to avoid spills, and this can be easily avoided by ensuring a good stable base for your stove in the kitchen.

Ideally, it should be placed at the corner of the kitchen to avoid anything from falling off towards the stove. While most gas burners are compatible with any cookware, it is nonetheless essential to always choose cookware that is made from high-quality materials, especially those that can withstand extreme and direct heat.

Check out our top 3 recommendations of gas stoves below:

  1. Truslink High-Quality Burners Gas Hobs & Cookers
  2. Golden Fuji GF-984 (LPG Gas) Single Table Top Burner
  3. Cornell Table Top Gas Stove Gas Cooker 2 Burners LPG Only CGS-P1102SSD

FAQs about Gas Stove

1. What’s the difference between gas and electric stoves?

A gas stove is cleaner and more efficient than an electric one. It’s an excellent option for those who live in rural areas where electricity might not be available or unreliable.

Gas stoves are often cheaper to run because you don’t have the added expense of heating up your oven every time you want to cook something tasty from scratch! And they’re much easier on our planet too – that means fewer carbon emissions, which in turn leads to fewer potential problems such as air pollution.

There are some drawbacks: Gas stoves create heat at a lower temperature, so it takes longer to prepare certain dishes like pastries, roasted vegetables, and sauces. They can also cause any nearby objects, including counters and tablecloths, to become dirty.

2. How do you turn on your gas stove?

Gas stoves are turned on by turning the burner knob. Some models have an automatic ignition system to simplify this process, but these settings should be set before cooking begins. The main function of all other knobs and controls depending on what kind of model it is: ovens with electric coils require electricity in order to operate; some models can also use either natural gas or propane as fuels instead of just one type of fuel; warming drawers need time and heat (which again depends).

3. Is there any danger when using a gas stove?

Gas stoves emit carbon monoxide, so it is essential to ventilate the space well and not use gas stoves in poorly ventilated areas or near a heat source.

4. Can you cook anything besides just food on your gas stove?

Yes! You can also use it for quick tasks such as boiling water, frying eggs, searing meat, which don’t require long cooking times.

5. What are some benefits when using a gas stove instead of an electric one?

Gas ovens allow users to control their own desired temperature by turning the knob rather than waiting for preselected temperatures; they’re more efficient because most models have multiple burners, which means less time spent heating up unused areas; there’s no risk of electrical shocks like with an electric stove.

6. Is cooking with gas safer than electric?

No, gas is not safer than the electric gas stove.

Cooking with electricity can be much more dangerous because of the high heat and flames that result from it. Gas stoves are less likely to cause a fire or burn if you forget about what you’re cooking on top of them – unlike an electric stove! In addition, gas ovens don’t produce any smoke and odours when compared to their counterparts.

Gas does require some safety precautions: Make sure everyone in your family knows how to turn off the valve for the propane tank outside, so they know how to avoid danger should something go wrong inside your home; never cook under enclosed ceilings like cabinets where carbon monoxide could accumulate; make sure all windows are open while operating a gas stove and turn off the stove before leaving the house.