Top 9 Best Gas Stove in Singapore – 2024 Review

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Gas stoves have been a trusted appliance for every home chef or food enthusiast. They provide efficient cooking, easy temperature control, and cost-efficiency that ordinary electric stoves can’t. Singapore’s market has many options for gas stove models so it is essential to find the one that fits your needs perfectly. To help you with your search, we’ve put together this 2024 review of the top 9 best gas stoves in Singapore! Read on to discover their features and benefits today.

Table of Contents

  • Best Gas Stove Comparison Table
    1. Flexible Cut Out Size: EF EFH 3971
    2. Durable Cast Iron Burners: CROWN 318 Table Top Gas Stove
    3. Brass Caps: AZ-983SF Table Top Burner
    4. Durable Tempered Glass Top: Otimmo(by EuropAce) EBH6291S
    5. Battery Ignition: VALENTI VC728G 73CM
    6. Easy One-Touch Ignition: RINNAI RB-72G (RB72G) HYPER FLAME
    7. 3 Inner Burners: RB-3SI Rinnai Stainless Steel Hob
    8. Variable Valve System: Tecno 2-Burner Glass Hob T22TGSV
    9. Stainless Steel Finishing: CROWN 318 Table Top Gas Stove
  • Cooking Safe with Gas Stoves
  • Benefits of Using a Gas Stove
  • Conclusion
Product Price Burners Product Dimension (cm)
EF EFH 3971 $349.00 3 72.2 x 860 x 6
CROWN 318 Table Top Gas Stove $108.00 2 71 x 37 x 11
AZ-983SF Table Top Burner $115.00 2 76.5 × 41.3× 13
Otimmo(by EuropAce) EBH6291S $348.00 2 86 x 7 x 5
VALENTI VC728G 73CM $312.80 2 73 x 41 x 6.6
RINNAI RB-72G (RB72G) HYPER FLAME $498.00 2 77 x 46 x7
RB-3SI Rinnai Stainless Steel Hob $668.00 3 87 x 51 x 7.3
Tecno 2-Burner Glass Hob T22TGSV $459.00 2 75 x 50 x 6.5
CROWN 318 Table Top Gas Stove $179.00 2 69 x 36 x 14

9 Best Gas Stoves in Singapore

Here is the list of the best gas stoves in Singapore.

1. EF EFH 3971

Flexible Cut Out Size

The EF EFH 3971 is an excellent gas hob that offers great versatility and convenience. With three burners, you can easily cook up a variety of dishes simultaneously, making meal times effortless. It has cast-iron pan supports that are equipped with safety devices for extra peace of mind, as well as battery ignition for easy lighting. Due to its stainless steel material, this product is built to last and will not fade or rust over time. Best of all, it comes with a flexible cut-out size to fit any kitchen counter – giving you more options when selecting your next cooking appliance.

Not only does the EF EFH 3971 make home cooking easier than ever before but it also saves energy and adds value to your kitchen décor due to its sleek design and polished finish. This gas hob heats up quickly so you don’t have to wait around while dinner cooks; plus its simple cleaning process means less mess after every meal! Every part is carefully crafted from quality materials which help extend its lifespan so whether you’re in need of a quick snack or full course dinner – this gas hob can do it all!

For those who want a hassle-free cooking experience in their own homes then the EF EFH 3971 is the perfect choice! From speedy heating capabilities right through to modern aesthetics, this gas hob brings comfort and luxury into any kitchen setting like no other appliance can achieve on its own. Don’t wait another moment – try the amazing features of the EFT3971 today!


  • Three burners for multiple cooking options
  • Cast Iron pan support with safety devices keeps your kitchen safe and secure while cooking
  • The stainless Steel finish provides a stylish look to any kitchen


  • Lacks advanced features such as flame control and heat zones
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2. CROWN 318 Table Top Gas Stove

Durable Cast Iron Burners

The CROWN 318 Table Top Gas Stove is designed for both LPG and Town gas, providing a perfect option for all your stove-top cooking needs. This efficient and compact gas stove offers quality stainless steel finishing, making it durable and easy to clean. Cook with ease on two strong cast iron burners which ignite quickly with an automatic ignition system. Additionally, the enamelled wok support provides ample space for larger dishes while protecting the burner during usage.

Thanks to its stainless steel construction, this tabletop gas stove promises years of reliable performance without compromising on safety features or convenience. The automatic ignition system ensures that you get a consistent flame that can be easily adjusted to suit your requirements while consuming less fuel than traditional stoves. Furthermore, the heavy-duty design allows you to control heat efficiently as both cast iron burners provide even distribution of heat over large areas – enabling faster food preparation time compared to other conventional models in its price range!

With so many benefits offered by this product, it’s no wonder why more users are opting for CROWN 318 Table Top Gas Stoves in their home kitchens! So if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable solution that will offer hassle-free operation along with long-lasting durability – then look no further than this great tabletop gas stove from Crown!


  • High-quality stainless steel finish
  • Automatic ignition for easy use
  • Fire safety device for added protection


  • Limited cooking options due to only two burners
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3. AZ-983SF Table Top Burner

Brass Caps

The AZ-983SF Table Top Burner is the perfect solution for home cooks and chefs in search of a highly efficient cooking surface. Featuring single stove gas burners with brass caps, this burner provides optimal performance and safety due to its built-in safety valve. The 100mm & 120mm round flame gives you the ability to cook up your favourite meals quickly and efficiently, while the sleek design allows it to seamlessly blend in with any kitchen décor. Plus, its Cyclone burner head ensures that heat is evenly distributed when cooking for superior control.

Not only does this tabletop burner allow users to expertly prepare delicious dishes, but it’s also incredibly easy and safe to use! By including a safety valve feature, you can rest assured knowing that no hazardous materials will be released into your kitchen or home environment during operation. Additionally, thanks to the precision cooking capabilities enabled by both round flames, you won’t have to worry about tedious prep work prior to making dinner – all of your ingredients are cooked fast and at an optimum temperature level!

For anyone who wants an effective yet stylish way of preparing food without having a big bulky stove occupying their countertop space, look no further than the AZ-983SF Table Top Burner from AGH Enterprises! Its fantastic features guarantee great results with each meal prepared – whether you’re roasting vegetables or grilling some steak strips – so what are you waiting for? Get yours today and start transforming old recipes into delicious new ones!


  • Wide range of gas pressure levels from low to high
  • Highly efficient performance with minimal energy wastage
  • Comes with a sleek design that can blend well with the decor of any kitchen


  • Not suitable for large-scale cooking
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4. Otimmo(by EuropAce) EBH6291S

Durable Tempered Glass Top

The Otimmo EBH6291S stove from Europe is a great option for any kitchen, with its SCHOTT tempered glass top providing durability and a rust-proof base to prevent corrosion or damage. It also features a 5KW blue flame, which offers maximum heat efficiency for cooking your favourite dishes quickly and evenly. Plus, the SUS304 stainless steel lends a chic look to your cooking space that is sure to impress guests!

What really makes the EBH6291S stand out though is its flexible cut-out size – you won’t have any trouble fitting it in whatever shape of space you need as long as it meets certain dimensions, so you can rest easy knowing that it will fit into whatever existing setup you may already have going on in your kitchen. And all this style comes at quite an affordable price point too!

If you’re looking for an excellent stovetop with plenty of power and stylish good looks at a great price then the Otimmo EBH6291S from EuropAce is definitely worth considering! With its durable design and flexibility when installed in tight spaces, I believe this appliance has everything necessary to make cooking enjoyable while ensuring lasting performance. So what are you waiting for? Check out the Otimmo EBH6291S today!


  • Rust-proof stainless steel base for long-lasting performance
  • 4.5KW blue flame heating element for efficient cooking results
  • Flexible cut-out size allows you to tailor the hob to your kitchen layout


  • Due to its rust-proof base, it may be difficult to clean effectively.
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Battery Ignition

The VALENTI VC728G 73CM gas cooktop offers all the features necessary for a safe and enjoyable cooking experience. Its black tempered glass (8mm) surface not only looks stylish but is also easy to clean. The flame failure device (safety-valve) senses when the flame has been extinguished and will automatically shut off the gas flow, preventing potential hazardous situations. Cast iron-coated trivets provide a solid base that is resistant to extreme temperatures. Plus, it has a nifty double jet system that allows you to evenly spread heat across different areas of your pan or pot, making meal preparation faster and easier than ever before!

Another great benefit of this VALENTI model is its battery ignition, which works without any sort of external power source like electricity or gas lighter fluid. This eliminates both safety hazards and provides an added level of convenience since you don’t need to worry about constantly running out of fuel for your cooktop! Furthermore, installing this unit requires no professional assistance; it’s as simple as plugging in some screws into pre-made holes in your countertop – taking just minutes compared to hours required by other models on the market today!

All in all, if you’re looking for an efficient way to upgrade your kitchen with modern-day convenience and safety technology then look no further than the VALENTI VC728G 73CM Gas Cooktop! With its advanced features such as black tempered glass construction along with cast iron coated trivets for even heating distribution plus convenient battery ignition — this cooktop promises both style and performance sure to make every culinary adventure more inspiringly delicious than ever before! So why wait? Get yours now while supplies last at unbeatable prices guaranteed!


  • Sleek and stylish design with black tempered glass
  • Double-jet system for fast and efficient cooking
  • Safety valve flame failure device ensures gas leakage protection


  • High price point
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Easy One-Touch Ignition

The RINNAI RB-72G (RB72G) HYPER FLAME is a top-of-the-line burner that offers an innovative way to heat your kitchen. This powerful burner has a flexible cut-out for easy installation, making it great for any space. It also features a simmer control which allows you to maintain the desired flame size and temperature, perfect for cooking multiple dishes at once or just simmering your favourite sauce without fear of overheating or burning.

Additionally, this product has enhanced safety features such as its sealed burner which prevents fire and gas leakage from spreading in case something goes wrong while cooking. Not only does it have an extra safety device to protect against unexpected ignition but it also boasts cast iron pan support to ensure that all pots and pans are secured tightly while cooking; giving you peace of mind when dealing with flammable material in the kitchen.

Overall, the RINNAI RB-72G (RB72G) HYPER FLAME is truly one of a kind with its unique combination of convenience and safety features making it ideal for any kitchen setting – be sure to check out this amazing product today!


  • Provides powerful and fast heating with Hyper Flame Technology
  • Reduced risk of gas leakage due to a robustly sealed burner
  • Enhanced pot stability with the addition of cast iron pan support


  • Cost is relatively higher than other models on the market
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7. RB-3SI Rinnai Stainless Steel Hob

3 Inner Burners

The RB-3SI Rinnai stainless steel hob is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and stylish hob. This three-inner burner built-in hob features a stainless steel top plate, cast iron pan support, and cut-out dimensions of 725-840 (W) x 435-480 (D). Not only does this make it suitable for practically any kitchen size, but also ensures that the hob will last you for many years to come due to its durable materials.

Furthermore, the RB-3SI has two fuel options available; either natural gas or propane/LPG. With both fuels offering different levels of heat output and price points depending on your budget needs – it’s easy to find one perfect for any home kitchen setup. Moreover, with just 1 simple knob operation needed to control all 3 burners simultaneously – operating this appliance couldn’t be simpler!

All in all, if you’re looking for a high-quality yet affordable kitchen stove then definitely consider investing in the RB-3SI Rinnai Stainless Steel Hob from Rinnaitoday! It’s sure to provide convenience and reliability wherever you decide to put it while adding aesthetic value to the space as well!


  • Premium stainless steel top plate for easy maintenance and a stylish appearance
  • Cast iron pan supports ensures heat distribution and durable performance
  • Cut-out size  offers installation versatility


  • Expensive compared to other hobs
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8. Tecno 2-Burner Glass Hob T22TGSV

Variable Valve System

The Tecno 2-Burner Glass Hob T22TGSV is the perfect combination of style and function. The SCHOTT toughened float glass cooktop gives it a sleek, modern look that will fit in with any kitchen décor. What’s more, this hob is incredibly easy to use with its battery-operated ignition gas burner – no need for matches or lighters!

This hob also delivers on performance thanks to its two powerful wok burners which are designed with Variable Valve System control (VVS). This ensures that the heat from each element can be accurately controlled – making cooking anything from stir fries to stews simple. Plus, you can rely on these durable burners since they are made from high-strength aluminium alloy with brass burner caps.

Not only does the Tecno 2-Burner Glass Hob T22TGSV look great and perform well but also has been designed for longevity due to its heavy-duty cast iron pan and wok supports which have an enamel coating for extra protection against wear and tear over time. So why not upgrade your kitchen today? With this top-quality product, you won’t regret it!


  • Efficient cooking with SCHOTT Tough Float glass cooktop
  • Safe ignition safety valve mechanism for all burners
  • High-strength aluminium alloy burners with brass burner caps for durability


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
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9. CROWN 318 Table Top Gas Stove

Stainless Steel Finishing

The CROWN 318 Table Top gas stove is a great addition to any kitchen. Its 4-ring double burner with automatic ignition makes it easy to use while the stainless steel finish gives this cooker an attractive look. Additionally, its Whole Copper Burner and Enameled Wok and Pan Support make it incredibly durable, so you can be sure your investment will last for many years. On top of that, the CROWN 318 Table Top Gas Stove comes equipped with a Fire Safety Device which ensures safe operation at all times.

With such features, this product is sure to make cooking much more enjoyable! By using the different-sized rings on each burner, you can customize how quickly you want food cooked without worrying about safety or cooking unevenly. Moreover, its enamelled wok and pan support allows multiple cookware pieces at once; saving time when tackling larger meals- making everyday meal preparation easier than ever before!

All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable cooker that offers maximum convenience along with enhanced aesthetics – the CROWN 308 Tabletop gas stove could be just what you need! It’s perfect for those who want something user-friendly yet stylish enough to add some charm to their kitchens! So why wait? Get yours now and start kicking up your culinary game today!


  • Highly durable stainless steel finishing
  • Automatic ignition for easy operation
  • Whole copper burner for long-lasting heating performance


  • The double burner design takes up more space than a single burner.
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Cooking Safe with Gas Stoves

You may have heard of some unfortunate accidents involving gas stoves, and this may affect your decision of getting one. Aside from the added safety features that most brands have included in their products, there are also a lot of ways for you to continually err on the safe side while cooking with a gas stove. One of the basic rules is always to avoid spills, and this can be easily avoided by ensuring a good stable base for your stove in the kitchen.

Ideally, it should be placed at the corner of the kitchen to avoid anything from falling off towards the stove. While most gas burners are compatible with any cookware, it is nonetheless essential to always choose cookware that is made from high-quality materials, especially those that can withstand extreme and direct heat.

Benefits of Using a Gas Stove

From quick and efficient cooking to cleaner cooking, the benefits of using a gas stove are numerous. Read on to learn more about how you can benefit from this type of stove!

Quick and efficient cooking

Gas stoves in Singapore are a great way to quickly and efficiently cook your favourite dishes. These stovetops heat up faster than traditional electric or induction options, allowing you to start cooking sooner without waiting for the element to heat up. Additionally, gas stoves provide more control over the temperature of your food because they respond instantly when turned on or off. This means that you can easily adjust the heat level depending on what type of food is being cooked and how fast it needs to be finished. This feature makes them ideal for making delicate dishes such as sauces and soups where precision is essential, while also providing enough power for stir-frying vegetables or searing meats with ease.

 Easy to control temperatures

Gas stoves have an advantage over electric ones in terms of temperature control. Cooking with a gas stove is almost like cooking on an open flame, as you get instant heat when the knob is turned up and it cools down immediately when the knob is set lower. This makes it very easy to adjust during the cooking process so that dishes come out exactly how you want them. On top of that, cooks can be more confident adding or subtracting heat faster than they could with other cooktops. Therefore, using a gas stove helps make sure meals turn out just right every time.

Cost efficient

Gas stoves are typically cheaper than electric stoves, making them a cost-effective choice for your kitchen. Gas is available at a lower price in comparison to electricity and will usually provide better heating benefits with the same amount of energy consumed. Many gas stoves also come with adjustable burners to control the heat output levels as needed, so you can make sure that your cooking efforts will not be wasted or add extra costs due to over usage or unnecessary use of fuel. Additionally, gas has been found to heat up more quickly when compared to an electric stove which adds efficiency and convenience during meal preparation times.

Cleaner cooking

Cooking with gas is known to be one of the cleanest forms of cooking, as there are no emissions into the air. It eliminates the smoke from cooking, which can cause unpleasant odours in your living space and makes for a much more enjoyable overall experience. The lack of ash or other residues also means that you need less cleaning up after meals have been cooked. With a gas stove, all you’ll need is a quick wipe down before and after each use so you don’t have to worry about any mess associated with traditional methods of cooking such as using charcoal or wood-burning stoves. In addition, not only does this make it easier to keep your kitchen tidy but it will also help protect your health by eliminating harmful airborne particles produced when burning fuel indoors.


Choosing the right gas stove can have a huge impact on your cooking experience. With the wide variety of choices available in Singapore, it is important to consider key factors such as efficiency, size and budget before selecting. After going through our top 9 best gas stove reviews in Singapore for 2024, you should now have enough information to make an informed decision when selecting the perfect appliance for your kitchen! Gas stoves offer many advantages including quicker cooking times, easier temperature control and cost-effectiveness which make them a great choice for everyday use. So go ahead and get yourself one of these amazing gas stoves today – you won’t be disappointed!