15 Best Hair Dryer in Singapore

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There are a ton of hair dryers available in stores in Singapore. Sellers advertise their product to be the best, but, as a buyer, you want to be discerning to get the best product.

In this article, we show you our top 15 picks from hundreds of hair dryer models sold online. We recommend these hair dryers because we have tested them and we know they’ll help you achieve the look you want.

#1 – Philips HP8233 ThermoProtect Ionic Hair Dryer

This top-of-the-line hair dryer from Philips exudes elegance and equally high performance. Set the right temperature to achieve the look you want out of your hair.

  • Ceramic coating
  • Ultra-slim nozzle for styling
  • Uses electric ions to condition hair
  • ThermoProtect

A high-performance hair dryer encased in a feminine design made from durable materials. The ThermoProtect feature allows you to use the hair dryer without worrying about the machine overheating. Lastly, the powerful motor will enable you to style your hair any way you want in just minutes.

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#2 – Braun Satin-Hair 3 HD 380 Hair Dryer with Ion

The ultra-light hair dryer that comes from industry leader Braun does not disappoint. You have all the features from a compact design, temperature control & safety, plus a powerful motor.

  • Easy storage loop
  • Unique styling nozzle
  • Powerful 2,000-watt motor

High powered motor and nozzle design assists in the quick-dry and effective styling of the Braun Satin Hair dryer.  Store it easily on your wall or closet using the hanging loop.

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#3 – Philips HP8280 MoistureProtect Hair Dryer

Moisture protection technology makes this new hair dryer from Philips a favourite among hairstylists. Get your hair that shine but without getting it dry and frizzy with this new device.

  • MoistureProtect to prevent dryness
  • ThermoProtect for overheating
  • Cool Shot button
  • 6-speed setting

This award-winning hair dryer will not dry your hair out and leave you with shiny, beautifully styled hair every time. Work on your hair at the right speed and never worry about overheating, dryness, and frizz.

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#4 – Xiaomi Mi Ionic Hair Dryer


Xiaomi is now offering their newest Mi hair dryer with intelligent temperature control. The product delivers a high volume of air at just the right temperature using its primary sensors.

  • Large air volume
  • Smart temperature sensors
  • Quick-drying effect
  • Hair protection

Using water ions, this product allows hair to maintain its softness and shine as you’re styling. This dryer also operates quieter than the competition making styling a more comfortable experience.

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#5 – Hair Dryer ION HAIRCARE H3/H5/H7, Negative Ioniser

The ION HairCare H3 is a 4-in-1 hair styling product that includes not only a dryer, but also, comb, hair straightener, and a curler. This is the perfect product to cater to all your hair styling needs.

  • Negative ions
  • Hair Volumizer
  • 3 air volume + temperature settings
  • Unique 4-in-1 package

You can do almost everything with your hair with the new ION HairCare H3 hair dryer. This 4-in-1 product delivers all the features that you need to style your hair every which way you want.

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#6 – Philips Essential Care Hair Dryer 1800 Watts – BHD004/03

All the features you need to take great care and style your hair is in the Essential Care hair dryer from Philips. The powerful product operates at a comfortable level for quick and easy hairstyling.

  • Compact design
  • Quiet operation
  • 1800-watt motor
  • Excellent volume diffuser

Enjoy a comfortable experience when styling your hair with the pleasant sound produced by the Philips Essential Care while in use. Store it with ease due to its compact design.

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#7 – PowerPac Turbo Hair Dryer with cool air 1600W (PPH1600)

PowerPac’s newest hairdryer has turbo power that delivers a high volume of air with each use. The two-year safety mark guarantees the machine has passed all the highest standards for safety.

  • 3-speed settings
  • Hot and cool air functions
  • Low noise production
  • Overheating protection

The 1600-watt motor is powerful enough to dry your hair quickly, so you don’t have to waste time in the morning. An affordable hair dryer with excellent features what more can you ask for? Buy yours now!

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#8 – Philips DryCare Advanced Hair Dryer – BHD186/03

The delivery of hot and cold air provides a good sensation to users during styling. DryCare also has a strong 2200-watt motor with TurboBoost to get a quick dry at any time you use it.

  • Slim nozzles
  • Massage diffuser
  • ThermoBalance technology

You can store this hairdryer inside your closet or atop your dresser by just simply hanging it using the rubber hook. Philips ionic technology helps get you smooth hair with no frizz each time.

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#9 – Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-ND11 1000W 220V

Panasonic continues to deliver quality products with their newest hair dryer. It delivers a smooth hair drying experience with every use. Users can dry their hair virtually anywhere using this device.

  • 2-speed and 2-heat settings
  • Turbo boost technology
  • Powerful 220-volt motor

The turbo dry feature coupled with the strong air delivery from the motor makes hair drying more efficient. Use the nozzle and toggle the settings to get the style you want every day.

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#10 – Panasonic EH-ND21 Hair Dryer 1200W

Panasonic’s EH-ND21 promises to deliver beautiful hair using the quick and gentle drying technology of their device. This product can be bought online and you will get the following features:

  • Quick-drying
  • Multiple settings
  • Foldable

Using this hair dryer is pretty comfortable with the temperature and airflow setting right at your fingertips. Fold the handle easier to store and bring with you anywhere you’re travelling.

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#11 – Tefal for Elite Model Look Nomad Rose Hair Dryer HV3302

Hair drying has never been faster and more efficient than with the Nomad Rose Hair Dryer from Tefal. This elite hair dryer boasts a 1600-watt motor that delivers the power you need for quick styling.

  • Settings for temperature and airflow
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight

Storing this hairdryer in your bag is easy, just fold the handle and place it inside. It won’t take up much space, making it a perfect travel companion. The powerful motor and settings deliver all your hairstyling needs as well.

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#12 – Philips Hair Dryer EssentialCare Travel – BHD006/03

Quiet hair drying is now made easier with the all-new Philips Essential Care hairdryer. This travel dryer comes with a powerful motor and designed to keep the noise low from the operation. Other features include:

  • ThermoProtect
  • 1.8 m. cord
  • Dual voltage

The hairdryer has two voltage settings which means you can use it anywhere in the world. Easy-to-store and has a long electric cord to make it easier to handle when in use.

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#13 – Panasonic EH-NA98RP605 nanoe™ & Double Mineral Hair Dryer

Panasonic with its nanoe technology will not reduce the moisture of your hair while you’re using it. It also prevents damage with the double mineral content of the air it delivers.

  • Nanoe technology for complete hair care
  • Double Mineral keeps hair strong
  • Quick-drying nozzle

Faster drying is ensured with the excellent nozzle design of this product. Various modes allow users to pick the one they want, whether they wish to introduce volume, dry or moisturize.

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#14 – Philips DryCare Essential Energy Efficient Hair Dryer – BHD029

Philips introduces its newest energy-efficient hair dryer, the DryCare. It has all the features of an excellent dryer, but you won’t feel guilty using it because it doesn’t put a huge burden on your electricity bill.

  • Ion conditioning
  • Cool Shot button
  • ThermoProtect technology

Get excellent drying with the DryCare from Philips. Grabbing one assures you of salon-perfect hair every day. It’s easy to maintain, and you can use it every day when you need it.

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#15 – Panasonic Ionic Hair Dryer EH-NE42

Ever wanted a quiet hair dryer? Panasonic’s latest offering has a powerful motor hidden in a calm hair dryer with the EH-NE42. It is designed to be quiet but still delivers the power from its 1500-watt engine.

  • Double ion outlets
  • 3 temperature setting
  • Ion conditioning

Users get a moisturizing effect from the ion technology of this hair dryer. Settings are intuitive and will match your needs. You can pack and fold for secure storage or take it with you when you travel.

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Owning Your Own Hair Dryer

Having your own hair dryer is basically getting excellent hair day every day. Most of these are even portable enough, allowing you to do the styling even from outside the comforts of your home.

Check out our top recommended products from this list

  1. Philips HP8233 ThermoProtect Ionic Hair Dryer
  2. Braun Satin-Hair 3 HD 380 Hair Dryer with Ion
  3. Philips HP8280 MoistureProtect Hair Dryer