10 Best Steam Iron in Singapore – 2024 Review

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In a hectic Singapore lifestyle, we’ve been hunting for the best electronics that will make our lives easier and faster. From to-go coffee makers, portable blowers, and just recently, our newest discovery – steam irons!

You see, living constantly busy days can be a challenge, but given the right tools with you, it is still possible to look put together. A huge part of this for us is a well-maintained wardrobe. And what better way to do this than ensuring that we get to iron our clothes regularly? Steam iron has made that possible for us, with less effort.

Here are our top picks for steam iron in Singapore, which we sure are guaranteed to fit any lifestyle.

Table of Contents

  • Best Steam Iron Comparison Table
    1. Digital Temperature Control: Panasonic NI-WL41VSH
    2. Intelligent Steam Release: Philips Azur Elite GC5039/30 Steam Iron
    3. Easy Maintenance: Panasonic NI-M300TVSH Steam Iron
    4. Portable Design: Xiaomi Lofans YD-012V
    5. Reduced Energy Use: Tefal Eco Master FV1721
    6. Excellent Steam Distribution: Tefal Durilium FV5715 Steam Iron
    7. Ergonomic Open Handle: Braun TS775TP
    8. Anti-scratch Soleplate: Simplus Electric Steam Iron
    9. Drip-stop System: Philips EasySpeed GC1752/36 Steam Iron
    10. Built-in Cleaning Function: Philips PowerLife Steam iron GC2998/86
  • Advantages of Steam Iron
  • Conclusion
Product Price Water Tank Continuous Steam
Panasonic NI-WL41VSH $129.00 135 ml 11g/min
Philips Azur Elite GC5039/30 Steam Iron $226.80 350 ml 75g/min
Panasonic NI-M300TVSH Steam Iron $33.00 210 ml 20 g/min
Xiaomi Lofans YD-012V $33.08 280ML 20g/min
Tefal Eco Master FV1721 $34.70 200ml 24g/min
Tefal Durilium FV5715 Steam Iron $78.30 270ml 45g/min
Braun TS775TP $179.00 400ml 50g/min
Simplus Electric Steam Iron $19.80 110ml 20g/min
Philips EasySpeed GC1752/36 Steam Iron $63.80 220 ml 25g/min
Philips PowerLife GC2998/86 $107.70 320ml 45g/min

1. Panasonic NI-WL41VSH

Digital Temperature Control

The Panasonic NI-WL41VSH is a highly efficient steam iron that is designed to make the user’s ironing experience as easy and efficient as possible. This cordless multi-directional soleplate with digital temperature control allows you to have complete control over your ironing tasks. Additionally, the vertical steam shot has an auto shut-off feature so you don’t need to worry about it being on for too long or getting too hot while using it.

The quick setup of this product makes it ideal for those who need little preparation time before starting their job. Its detachable water bank allows for quick and easy fill-up, keeping your pressurized with just the right amount of steam without waiting in between sets. Furthermore, its Self Cleaning System was built into the device so that calcium buildup will never be an issue when using this machine to take care of your clothes needs.

Above all else, we love how fast and convenient this Panasonic NI-WL41VSH is – thanks to its ability to be immediately stored in its carrying case after use; there’s no longer any additional wait time needed due to cooling down time which can save valuable minutes during busy days! For anyone looking for a reliable pressurised steam iron that won’t let them down regardless of usage intensity – I definitely recommend giving the Panasonic NI-WL41VSH a try!


  • Multi-directional soleplate allows for quick and even pressing of clothes
  • The vertical Steam shot makes it easier to steam-hanging garments like curtains or jackets
  • Quick setup with a detachable water bank and auto-shutoff makes it easy to use and efficient


  • No self-cleaning feature
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2. Philips Azur Elite GC5039/30 Steam Iron

Intelligent Steam Release

The Philips Azur Elite GC5039/30 Steam Iron is the ideal ironing companion. With the Optimal Temperature Technology, intelligent steam release, turbo steam pump and powerful 2400-watt motor, this iron offers an efficient way to get your clothes looking smooth and wrinkle-free with minimum effort.

Compared to other irons on the market today, this one has superior performance when it comes to its features. Its Optimal Temp Technology ensures that no fabric will be burnt while ironing; you can even use it on delicate items without worrying about any damage being done. The intelligent steam release allows you to adjust the level of steam for different types of fabrics or materials – saving time when switching between garments – while the turbo steam pump removes creases quickly and effectively. And lastly, its comfortable handle makes manoeuvring a breeze!

All in all, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful iron that won’t let you down – then look no further than the Philips Azur Elite GC5039/30 Steam Iron! This high-quality machine will save you time and energy while keeping your clothes looking pristine – so don’t wait any longer and buy yours today!


  • Optimal Temp Technology ensures no burn on any fabric
  • Powerful turbo steam pump for faster crease elimination
  • Ergonomic design is easy to handle and manoeuvre


  • It does not have an automatic shutoff mechanism.
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3. Panasonic NI-M300TVSH Steam Iron

Easy Maintenance

The Panasonic NI-M300TVSH Steam Iron provides excellent wrinkle-removing power that will keep your clothes looking neat and pristine. Not only does it provide a powerful 20 g/min of steam, but its push button-controlled spray mist ensures creases and wrinkles are quickly removed from any fabric using minimal effort. The built-in Anti-Calc System prevents calcium deposits from clogging the vents and blocking the steam flow, while the titanium-coated soleplate offers superior smoothness and anti-scratch performance.

This iron is easy to use with its 360˚ swivel cord which helps minimize tangles during use. Its helpful features make pressing clothes quicker as well as hassle-free! With this iron, you can be sure that you’ll have crisp pressed clothes in no time at all.

All in all, if you’re looking for an efficient way to press your clothing or get difficult creases out of fabrics then invest in the Panasonic NI-M300TVSHT Steam Iron today! Its easy-to-use design combined with reliable steam output makes it an essential item for anyone who wants their wardrobe to stay sharp all year round – so don’t delay – take control of your wardrobe now!


  • Powerful steam removes stubborn wrinkles
  • 360˚ Swivel Cord for easy maneuvering
  • Tough & Smooth Ironing with advanced Titanium Coated Soleplate


  • High price tag compared to similar models.
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4. Xiaomi Lofans YD-012V

Portable Design

The Xiaomi Lofans YD-012V is an incredible steamer for clothes. With a powerful 2000W of power, you have the freedom to steam your clothes quickly and revitalize them in no time. What’s more, with its cord and cord-free switching feature, you can transport this steamer from room to room without any hassle. You will also be delighted by its explosive steam output of 0.6g/time which makes removing wrinkles fast and efficient!

This device doesn’t just offer great power but it also has three-level steam adjustments for different types of clothes such as silks, satins or linens – giving you complete control over your garment care needs. Additionally, it offers an impressive 20g/min continuous steam flow that ensures consistent results every time! With these features combined together, the Xiaomi Lofans YD-012V provides a professional quality performance while keeping your garments looking fresh all day long.

For anyone looking for a reliable yet effective at-home solution to keep their wardrobe crisp and wrinkle-free, look no further than the Xiaomi Lofans YD-012V Manual Fabric Steamer! Its advanced features make it easy to use and perfect for almost any fabric type – so why wait? Get yours today and take advantage of all that the Xiaomi Lofans YD-012V has to offer!


  • Cordless and cord-free switching
  • High power of 2000W for efficient ironing
  • Three-level steam adjustment for versatility


  • The water tank is relatively small, so you might have to refill it often.
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5. Tefal Eco Master FV1721

Reduced Energy Use

The Tefal Eco Master FV1721 is a perfect solution for those looking to iron quickly and efficiently. Its 1800-watt power ensures that your clothes are smooth and wrinkle-free in no time at all. With 24g/minute of continuous steam output, it’s great for getting stubborn creases out of fabrics with ease. Additionally, its 80g steam boost feature gives you the option to tackle heavier garments with extra gusto when needed.

What sets the Tefal Eco Master FV1721 apart from other irons is its eco mode which can reduce energy use by up to 25%. This not only saves you money but also helps conserve natural resources, making this a great purchase for anyone who wants their ironing done without having a large environmental impact. The non-stick soleplate also ensures smooth gliding over fabric for effortless manoeuvrability as you work through your laundry pile in record time!

If you’re looking for an efficient way to get wrinkles removed from even the toughest of fabrics without using too much electricity or natural resources, then look no further than the Tefal Eco Master FV1721! Its powerful output combined with eco-mode technology makes it an ideal choice whether you’re doing a few items or tackling an entire wardrobe full of wrinkled garments – so don’t hesitate; grab this premium iron today and get flawless results fast!


  • Smooth Gliding Non-Stick Soleplate for Optimal Performance
  • Powerful 80g Steam Boost For Tackling Stubborn Creases
  • Vertical Steaming Of Hanging Garments for Easier Ironing


  • Not as powerful as other models on the market
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6. Tefal Durilium FV5715 Steam Iron

Excellent Steam Distribution

The Tefal Durilium FV5715 Steam Iron is an excellent choice for those who need superior results quickly. This iron’s impressive 2400W power ensures powerful steaming for all types of fabric, while its variable steam output can reach up to 45g/min; more than enough for most household tasks. The unique Durilium AirGlide Soleplate surface helps keep your clothes looking pristine with a smooth gliding experience. In addition, the iron includes convenient anti-drip and vertical steam features as well as a shot of steam 190g/min setting that makes tackling wrinkle-prone areas simple and fast.

This highly efficient tool will save you time with its supercharged performance; you won’t find yourself struggling to get through the pile in the morning anymore! It’s easy to use and great at getting deep creases out of heavy fabrics, meaning you won’t have to worry about embarrassing pressed marks making their way onto garments again. You’ll be amazed by how bright collars and sleeves look after using this amazing product – something that would normally take multiple passes will now only require one!

Create professional-looking apparel right from home with ease – pick up a Tefal Durilium FV5715 Steam Iron today! Enjoy impeccably tailored clothing without leaving your living room, all thanks to this revolutionary piece of equipment from Tefal


  • The large 270ml water tank capacity allows for long ironing sessions without needing a refill
  • Variable steam output of up to 45g/min enables precise adjustment and more control over the ironing process
  • The automatic steam feature saves time as no manual adjustments are needed


  • Can be a little heavier than some other steam irons
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7. Braun TS775TP

Ergonomic Open Handle

The Braun TS775TP Steam Iron is an incredibly powerful steam iron that offers exceptional performance and convenience. It features 2400 watts of heating power which can quickly make creases disappear from fabrics, making it ideal for larger projects or for faster ironing times. Additionally, the ergonomic open handle ensures maximum comfort while using the iron so you won’t experience any strain on your hands.

Another impressive feature of the Braun TS775TP Steam Iron is its Saphir soleplate four times harder than stainless steel construction. This makes it highly durable and gives you a smooth gliding surface when pressing clothes. It also has a huge 400ml water tank capacity to minimise time spent re-filling, plus variable steam settings up to 170g/min even vertically – suitable for all fabric types including delicate garments like silk or chiffon!

If you’re looking for a lightweight yet powerful steam iron then look no further than the Braun TS775TP! All in all, this is an excellent choice that offers simple features combined with great power and value for money – have confidence that your clothes will look wrinkle-free every single time without putting in too much effort thanks to this top-notch product! What are you waiting for? Get yours today and start taking care of your garments better!


  • 2400 Watt of power for superior performance
  • Textile Protector ensures optimal results on all fabrics
  • Saphir soleplate is four times harder than stainless steel for excellent scratch resistance and gliding


  • Not helpful for vertical steaming on thicker fabrics
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8. Simplus Electric Steam Iron

Anti-scratch Soleplate

The Simplus Electric Steam Iron is one of the best steam irons on the market. It has a smooth and stable soleplate that does not scratch your clothes, while also having an integrated calc-clean system to keep your iron in peak working condition for longer. Additionally, it provides high consistent steam output, so you can be sure that each session will end with perfectly pressed clothing.

Furthermore, this revolutionary electric steam iron boasts a 110ml water tank with 1300W power that ensures no shortage of hot steaming tips when you need them most and efficient steam for uncompromising results regardless of material type or shape. With its intuitive design & user-friendly features such as adjustable temperature control and easy refill capabilities, there’s no limit to what this trusty appliance can do!

If you are looking for less time spent worrying about wrinkles in the morning or last-minute pressing tasks then look no further than the Simplus Electric Steam Iron! Perfectly crafted to provide exceptional performance every single use without compromising fabric quality – this handy tool makes life easy both at home and in professional settings alike making quick work out of any pressing task thrown its way! Don’t delay – Get yours today!


  • High consistent steam output for fast ironing
  • Integrated calc-clean to keep your iron working longer
  • Large 110ml water tank to reduce time spent refilling


  • The water tank is relatively small with a capacity of only 110ml.
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9. Philips EasySpeed GC1752/36 Steam Iron

Drip-stop System

The Philips EasySpeed GC1752/36 Steam Iron is an impressive piece of technology for anyone who loves ironing. With a continuous steam rate up to 25g/min and its unique Ceramic, non-stick soleplate you can ensure that your clothes look professionally pressed every time. Its Drip-stop system ensures no watermarks are left on your garments while the 220ml tank capacity makes refilling easy and convenient.

With its fine spray feature evenly distributed throughout my fabric, you can guarantee reliability every time. Its powerful steaming capability makes sure all creases go away quickly and easily with minimal effort needed from me!

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use steam iron that will get rid of wrinkles with ease then the Philips EasySpeed GC1752/36 Steam Iron is perfect for you! It will save you time in the mornings by making sure your clothes look crisp and presentable without having to spend hours over an ironing board- something we could all benefit from! Try it today and see why this product has so many loyal customers already!


  • Continuous steam up to 25g/min
  • Ceramic, non-stick soleplate ensures easy ironing and gliding
  • 220 ml water tank for longer use without refilling


  • No self-cleaning function
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10. Philips PowerLife Steam iron GC2998/86

Built-in Cleaning Function

The Philips PowerLife Steam iron GC2998/86 is a great appliance for fast and efficient crease removal. This steam iron features 2400W of power, allowing you to quickly work through stubborn wrinkles and achieve professional-level results. It also comes with an extra-large 320ml water tank with a convenient filling hole for easy refills. Thanks to the built-in cleaning function, any limescale buildups can be prevented or removed easily.

The durable SteamGlide soleplate helps ensure smooth performance at all times and offers a 4x longer life than most others on the market today. With its extra-long 3m power cord, drip-stop system, and automatic shutoff feature there’s even more convenience when it comes time to ironing clothes. Plus the ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling during use!

If you’re looking for an efficient way to remove stubborn creases from your clothing then look no further – the Philips PowerLife Steam Iron GC2998/86 is definitely worth considering! With its powerful 2400W heat output, convenient features, long-lasting durability and ergonomic design this steam iron should make quick work out of any pesky wrinkles in your wardrobe – so what are you waiting for? Get yours today!


  • 2400W and up to 45g/min of continuously powerful steam for faster crease removal
  • 320ml water tank with extra-large filling hole for easier filling
  • Anti-scratch SteamGlide soleplate provides superior gliding performance and 4x longer life


  • Bulkier and heavier than some other steam irons
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Advantages of Steam Iron

The moment we switched to a steam iron, we could no longer imagine our days without it. Whether it’s for a spot of your clothing or entire formal wear, steam iron provides you with the convenience and safety to eliminate all possible creases.

With the powerful steam release, it is now possible to remove stubborn creases, but fewer effort on your hands/arms. More importantly, steam irons have saved us from the possibility of burning our own clothes.


In conclusion, the 2024 review of the 10 best steam irons in Singapore showcases a market filled with exceptional appliances, designed to elevate the ironing experience for consumers. These steam irons represent the pinnacle of technology, with cutting-edge features that efficiently eliminate wrinkles and creases from various fabrics. The performance, build quality, and user-friendly aspects of these irons make them valuable additions to any household. Safety has been a priority in their design, ensuring peace of mind during use. As consumers seek to streamline their ironing chores, the top contenders on this list offer a diverse range of options to cater to individual preferences. Whether one prioritizes performance, durability, or convenience, the selection of steam irons in 2024 provides a compelling array of choices for discerning shoppers in Singapore.