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8 Important Features to Consider When Buying a Smart TV

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In today’s world, TVs have become a staple in most households. Whether you’re looking for a TV for gaming, watching movies or sports, the TV is an integral part of your home. Today, there are many different types of TVs to choose from, ranging from budget models to top of the line 4K televisions. As with any purchase decision, it’s important to do your research and know what features are important to you beforehand. Here are some factors that may be crucial when choosing a smart tv:

Smart Functionality

Some televisions come with smart functionality (or web-enabled capabilities), which allow users to stream content online directly through the television without having to hook up another device like an Apple TV or Roku box. This feature can be valuable if you frequently use the web to watch movies/TV shows or browse social media sites.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the number of times per second that your TV can take an image, process it and put it on display. Most TVs today come with a 60Hz (60 images per second), which means you’ll see 60 individual images every single second. That’s good enough for movies and games but may result in undesirable side effects for fast-moving objects on the screen. For example, you may have experienced a blurring effect if the camera pans over something that’s moving quickly on the screen, which is commonly known as “motion blur.” TVs with higher refresh rates can help reduce this effect by displaying images more frequently, thus improving overall picture quality.   A 120Hz or 240Hz refresh rate is ideal for fast-moving objects on the screen.

Power Consumption

Since TVs are typically left on for hours at a time, power consumption isn’t an issue most people consider when purchasing a TV set. However, the number of watts your TV consumes will affect how much your electric bill is at the end of the month. Therefore, choosing a low power consumption model is important, so you don’t have to worry about paying too much each month.

App Connectivity

Some TVs can connect directly with certain apps, allowing users to view the content directly on their TV. For example, some TVs have this functionality for Netflix or YouTube, while others have it for Amazon Video or Hulu. This feature is valuable because it allows you to quickly access your favourite content on the big screen without having to hook up another device.


Size is an important factor when choosing a TV set for your home. If space isn’t an issue in your living room, go ahead and purchase whatever size you want-whether it’s 49 inches or 75 inches; make sure whatever you choose best fits the area of the room. However, if you’re tight on space, find a TV in your budget and that size or smaller.

Connection Ports/Technology

Today, most TVs come standard with HDMI ports so users can hook up devices like a DVD player and play content directly on the TV. However, if you want to connect multiple devices at once, it’s important to choose a model with enough connectivity options (such as USB/SD card slots) for your needs.


The screen’s resolution is measured in pixels (e.g., 1080p or 4K) and determines how clear an image will appear on the TV when watching movies, playing games or even looking at photos from your phone. A higher number will result in crisper images and allows for more detailed gameplay when using consoles like Xbox One S/PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch.

Overall Price

Price isn’t always an indicator of how good the product is, but it’s still something to consider when making a purchase. If you’re looking for entry-level TVs with smart functionality, there are many options in the RM1500-RM3000 range, so spend your money wisely. Alternatively, if you want 4K resolution at the highest quality possible, expect to pay around RM4,000+.

When choosing a TV to buy, don’t rush into buying just because everyone else has one. Take time to read reviews online and understand what factors (features) are important to you before deciding which model fits you the best.


When deciding on a TV to purchase, it’s essential to consider what features are important to you before pulling the trigger and buying one, whether that may be Smart Functionality, App Connectivity or just price. Taking time to research these factors can help ensure you don’t waste money on unimportant things.

Now you know some of the more important features to consider when choosing your next television set- hopefully, this article has helped!

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