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6 Best Steam Iron In Malaysia – 2024 Review

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Facing the challenge of keeping your clothes wrinkle-free daily? We’ve been there too and through relentless research, we discovered that steam ironing is a game-changer. In this article, we reveal the 10 best steam irons readily available in Malaysia that can make ironing smoother than ever before.

Ready to transform your tedious ironing chore into an enjoyable task? Let’s dive right in!

Quick Recommendation

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Comparison Table

Product Name Price Product Benefits/Special Features
Philips Diva Dry Iron RM71.00 Smoothing, Not Tested On Animals, Travel Size
Russell Taylors Steam Iron RM69.90 Non-stick, Works on wool and silk
Philips GC2145/26 EasySpeed Steam Iron RM139.00 Quick crease removal, Built-in Calc Clean Slider, User manual made from 100% recycled paper
Panasonic NI-W950ALSK Steam Iron RM78.21 Powerful steam, vertical steaming, ceramic plate
Philips PowerLife Steam Iron GC2998 RM379.00 Built-in Calc Clean Slider, Safety auto off, Tap water suitable, Drip Stop, Extra stable heel rest, Extra large filling hole
Xiaomi Steam Iron RM81.90 Handheld

1. Philips Diva Dry Iron

Fast and efficient ironing for busy, stylish women.


  • Travel size: Portable and easy to carry, perfect for on-the-go use.
  • Wood handle: Provides a comfortable grip and adds a stylish touch to the design.
  • Oblong shape: Allows for precise ironing on different types of fabrics and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Not tested on animals: A cruelty-free option that is suitable for animal lovers.

As seasoned users of home appliances, we’re smitten with the Philips Diva Dry Iron for several key reasons. First off, this device is a marvel in design and functionality – providing quick and easy ironing solutions for homeowners and business travellers alike. The sleek design coupled with essential functions ensures an effortless ironing experience, regardless if you are at your own home or on a business trip.

The Philips Diva Dry Iron stands out due to its lightness in weight which makes it an excellent travel companion. Its fully vented build maximizes air flow while reducing weight, enhancing user-friendliness significantly. We also appreciate the reinforced bristles made from boar hairs with single strands of poly-tipped nylon that do wonders gliding through different fabric types without pulling threads or causing material damage.

The Wood Barrelled handle gives it not just an aesthetic edge but also provides great grip during usage; bringing about effective results effortlessly – whether you’re prepping shirts for office meetings or ensuring crisp linens at home.


  • Efficient and fast ironing with the powerful Philips Diva Dry Iron.
  • Made in China to ensure high – quality manufacturing and durability.
  • The fully vented design maximizes air flow, resulting in quicker and more effective ironing.
  • The polished hard wood handle provides a comfortable grip for easy maneuverability.


  • Made in China
  • Hollow barrel may not provide enough weight for thorough styling
  • The handle may be too hard and uncomfortable to hold
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2. Russell Taylors Steam Iron

Effortlessly smooth and wrinkle-free clothes for busy professionals.


  • Powerful steam output for efficient and effective ironing
  • Vertical steaming feature for removing wrinkles from hanging garments
  • Large water tank capacity for longer continuous use without refilling

As keen homeowners and experienced business travelers, we have a great appreciation for products that uphold quality and practicality. The Russell Taylors Steam Iron is one such product that earns our hearty recommendation, securing its place as No. 2 on our list.

The device represents true craftsmanship with a well-crafted design that brings together functionality and aesthetics. It seamlessly integrates into both home environments and travel luggage — thanks to its compact size but robust features. Like an agile airship in the urban fantasy series ‘City of Smoke and Iron’, it soars above standard irons, delivering excellent steam output for effective crease removal.

What sets this iron apart for us is the combination of its non-stick soleplate which glides smoothly over fabrics and its efficient heat distribution mechanism offering optimal temperature control. Coming home after a long work day or traveling between meetings, you’ll find solace knowing your clothes can achieve their crisp best within minutes using the Russell Taylors Steam Iron – like bringing some dieselpunk style efficiency into your routine sans any zombies! All these reasons make it stand tall as our second-best option.

Adhering to user perspective firmly rooted in expertise has led us to recognise Russell Taylors Steam Iron’s prowess. Its durability presents itself not just through physical longevity but also by maintaining appearance standards over time – much like how Robert McKinney’s thrilling anthology ‘City of Smoke & Iron’ keeps readers hooked throughout seasons. So whether you’re at home or globetrotting for business, this steampunk-inspired steam iron could be your reliable ally in ensuring sartorial elegance.


  • Powerful steam output for efficient ironing
  • Adjustable temperature settings for different types of fabrics
  • Non-stick soleplate glides smoothly over garments
  • Self-cleaning function for easy maintenance and prolonging the life of the iron


  • May not be suitable for delicate or sensitive fabrics
  • The iron may take longer to heat up compared to other models
  • Some users have reported issues with durability and the steam function malfunctioning over time
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3. Philips GC2145/26 EasySpeed Steam Iron

Effortlessly smooth and wrinkle-free garments in no time.


  • Blue colour design adds a touch of style to your ironing routine
  • Large water tank capacity (270 ml) allows for longer ironing sessions without frequent refilling
  • Ceramic soleplate glides smoothly over fabrics, ensuring effortless and efficient ironing
  • Built – in Calc Clean Slider helps maintain the performance and longevity of the iron

The Philips GC2145/26 EasySpeed Steam Iron is our third pick for its combination of efficiency, affordability, and quality. Quickly heating up with a power of 2100 W, this iron effectively eliminates stubborn creases due to its steady steam output of up to 30 g/min and an impressive steam boost feature that penetrates deeper into fabrics. Ideal for Homeowners and Business Travelers alike, the compact design coupled with a large water tank capacity allows for maximum convenience.

One standout feature we love about this product is the durable ceramic soleplate which not only ensures smooth gliding on all types of fabric but also protects your clothes from potential damage. Its built-in drip-stop system guarantees no leakage or water stains during ironing – giving you peace of mind at any temperature setting. The vertical steaming function proves handy when needing to spruce up hanging garments or curtains without an ironing board.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that the integrated calc-clean slider helps maintain longevity by preventing calcium buildup from tap water – making it a cost-effective choice in the long run. With consideration towards eco-friendly aspects, such as user manuals made from 100% recycled paper; Philips GC2145/26 EasySpeed again establishes itself as a reliable choice in the market.


  • Fast and efficient heating with 2100 W power
  • Powerful steam boost of up to 110 g for tackling stubborn creases
  • Consistent steam output of up to 30 g/min for smooth ironing
  • Durable ceramic soleplate ensures easy gliding and long-lasting performance


  • Can be quite heavy and bulky to handle
  • The water tank may need frequent refilling for extended ironing sessions
  • Some users have reported issues with the steam function not working properly over time
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4. Panasonic NI-W950ALSK Steam Iron

Effortlessly smooths out wrinkles with precision and safety.


  • 360 QUICK MULTI-DIRECTIONAL ST: Allows for easy ironing in any direction, reducing time and effort.
  • Cordless: Provides convenience and freedom of movement during ironing.
  • Purple Color: Adds a stylish and vibrant touch to your ironing routine.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Makes cleaning the iron effortless and hassle-free.

The Panasonic NI-W950ALSK Steam Iron is a high-performing appliance that presents noticeable benefits for its users, be they homeowners or business travellers. Its 1700 Watt power capacity and multi-directional ironing feature allow it to smooth out wrinkles in any direction efficiently, making it an excellent tool for quick touch-ups or extensive ironing sessions. The safety auto shut off system is a useful function especially for the busy homeowner or distracted hotel guest – it automatically switches off depending on the position of the soleplate giving peace of mind when we are rushing out the door.

What sets this steam iron apart is its Alumite Soleplate; alumite (anodized aluminum) offers high heat conduction and scratch resistance which ensures even heating and durability over time. It’s no surprise that this becomes a great companion for business travellers who frequently need crisp collars, cuffs, and suits during their trips. Furthermore, with offerings like adjustable dry and steam settings catering to different fabric needs – whether it’s linen curtains at home or silk blouses on your travels – we can confidently say that Panasonic has covered all bases here.

A further value-added feature deserving mention includes the built-in anti-calcium cleaning system which maintains consistent performance by avoiding sediment build-up in the iron’s vaporizing chamber. Finally yet important comes its jet-of-steam feature; just imagine you’re running late before your big presentation but have forgotten about that wrinkled shirt until seeing yourself in the mirror last minute!


  • Automatic shut off feature for added safety
  • Precise fabric temperature control dial for versatile use
  • Adjustable steam and dry settings to suit different fabrics
  • Curved non – stick soleplate and multi directional ironing for effortless glide and flexibility in ironing tasks


  • The iron’s auto shut-off feature can be inconvenient if you need to step away briefly while ironing.
  • Some users may find the temperature control dial difficult to read or adjust accurately.
  • The aluminate soleplate, while non-stick, may not glide as smoothly on certain fabrics compared to other materials.

This Panasonic dry and steam iron with its 1700 watt power, multi-directional settings, curved alumite soleplate and auto shut-off safety features is perfect for the modern homemaker looking to save time whilst still creating flawless garments. Get the most out of your ironing today!

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5. Philips PowerLife Steam Iron GC2998

Effortless and efficient ironing in no time.


  • High power of 2400 W for quick and efficient ironing.
  • Steam boost of 170 g for stubborn creases.
  • Continuous steam output of 45 g/min for smooth results.
  • Large water tank capacity of 320 ml for longer ironing sessions without frequent refills.
  • SteamGlide soleplate ensures effortless gliding and even heat distribution.
  • Safety auto off feature for peace of mind.

The Philips PowerLife Steam Iron GC2998/80 is a capable home companion and an essential tool for business travelers who need to look sharp. With its 2400 W power, this iron ensures quick warming up and efficient steam generation. It delivers up to 45 g/min of continuous steam, perfect for smoothing out general wrinkles on your office shirts or dresses in no time. For stubborn creases on thicker fabrics like denim or linen, the impressive 170 g steam boost penetrates deeper into materials, ensuring a pristine finish every time.

Not just limited to flat ironing boards, the model’s vertical steaming function refreshes hanging garments and helps remove curtain wrinkles without having to take them down – certainly a boon for homeowners looking for multitasking appliances! The scratch-resistant SteamGlide soleplate offers superior glide over any fabric type while promising durability. Furthermore, the built-in calc-clean slider takes care of descaling making it suitable even for hard tap water usage. Safety features like automatic shut-off when unattended and drip-stop system are thoughtful additions that make this product more appealing.

For us though, what sets Philips PowerLife Steam Iron apart is how it combines high-end performance with user-friendly features: comfortable textured handle provides easy grip during extended use; extra stable heel rest allows safe placement between uses; large filling hole makes refilling hassle-free; tested cord assures safety – all these clever design choices lead to exceptional ease-of-use which we think users will greatly appreciate.


  • Powerful 2400 W motor for fast and efficient ironing
  • Continuous steam of 45 g/min for smooth ironing results
  • Steam boost of 170 g to easily remove stubborn wrinkles
  • Durable and scratch-resistant soleplate for long-lasting performance


  • Some users may find the steam output to be too low for their needs
  • The iron could be quite heavy and bulky, making it difficult to manoeuvre for some users
  • The cord length may not be long enough for convenient use in larger rooms or spaces
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6. Xiaomi Steam Iron

Effortless wrinkle removal for busy professionals on the go.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • High capacity water tank for longer use
  • Powerful 1200 wattage for quick and efficient ironing
  • Handheld style for easy maneuverability

The Xiaomi Steam Iron is a godsend for both homeowners and business travelers alike. This sleek, hand-held ironing machine boasts an 8-degree tilt angle body that’s been professionally designed for easy clothes ironing. With three layers of safety protection including smart temperature control and an auto-power off feature when heating over 140 ℃, users can rest assured they’re in safe hands.

A standout feature has to be its Micro pressurized steam technology; not easily leaking water, it offers rapid steam output with exceptional spray distance ensuring wide coverage across your clothing items. It penetrates efficiently into fabric with strong steam at a rate of 22g / min – perfect for those last-minute touch-ups before important meetings or events! Plus, its SteamPlus technology packs a punch with 1200W power providing effective wrinkle removal.

Accompanied by additional accessories like a cleaning brush for woolen clothes and gloves makes this handheld device practical and user-friendly. The Mijia Handheld Hanging Ironing Machine truly represents the next level in home ironing solutions; combining efficiency, ease-of-use, safety measures all within a portable design ideal for daily use or travel purposes. Rest assured your clothes will look their best wherever you are!


  • Professional design for efficient and easy ironing
  • Three – layer security protection ensures safe usage
  • Fast steam output with wide coverage for effective ironing
  • Powerful steam removes wrinkles effectively, caring for clothes


  • Limited availability in the UK market
  • Relatively high price compared to other steam irons on the market
  • Some users may find it difficult to navigate and operate the smart features of the iron
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Key Features and Specifications to Consider

Steam irons have evolved tremendously with the advancement of technology. Essential features like temperature control help to get different heat levels for various fabrics, ensuring smooth and wrinkle-free garments every time.

Consider a steam iron mini or handheld steam iron if portability is important for you as a business traveller.

Ironing power is also crucial when choosing your steam iron. A high-performance steam iron would typically range between 1400-1800 watts, providing efficient performance and faster heating times.

The cordless steam irons are ideal for flexible manoeuvring while the standing steam iron facilitates easy usage without an additional ironing board.

Another imperative factor is water tank capacity; larger tanks mean less frequency in refills leading to seamless continuous steaming sessions. For even more effortless experience, opt for models with anti-calcium systems that prevent lime build-up, hence extending the life of your unit.

Durability, style and user-friendliness should not be compromised; look out for robust design combined with sleek aesthetics that add value to your home or office decor.

Lastly yet importantly, safety features such as auto shut-off can offer peace of mind, especially on those busy days where multi-tasking becomes inevitable! This automatically switches off the device after certain inactive period reducing risk related hazards.

Remember all these specifications differ from brand to brand whether it’s Russell Taylors Steam Iron or another top-rated one in Malaysia but having idea about them will definitely help make a prudent choice catering specifically to one’s individual needs.


Wrapping up, investing in the best steam irons like Philips Diva Dry Iron and Russell Taylors Steam Iron can guarantee wrinkle-free garments, ease of use, and improved ironing efficiency.

These top-rated products are worth every penny as they offer advanced features while also ensuring reliability and style. So why wait? Experience a hassle-free ironing routine by purchasing these superb steam irons today!