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Should you choose a steam iron or dry iron

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One of the most compared types of iron are steam iron and dry iron. Both are known to be powerful tools in eliminating even the most stubborn creases in clothes. The main difference is the heating source and the fabric that they can work on. Here we well you decide which between the two you will need the most depending on your lifestyle and closet profile:

What is a steam iron?

A steam iron is a clothing tool that uses heat to remove wrinkles, dirt and creases in clothes. Most of them use electricity as their main source of power while there are some models that run on fuel (coal, methane gas). There are different kinds of steam irons like the pressure iron, travel iron with retractable cords, and automatic steam.

What is a dry iron?

A dry iron is a tool used to remove wrinkles from clothes without the use of steam. It only uses heat or thermal energy as its power source and moves across fabrics which makes it ideal for blending colors. They don’t leave traces on the fabric as they run smoothly on it. ¬†It may be constructed with different materials, but the most common are aluminum and stainless steel.

Dry Iron with Steam Release  Function

Although you can apply the same fabric smoothing techniques on dry and steam irons, each is designed with a unique performance that makes one stand out from others. A steam iron uses water as its heating source; all you need to do is pour water on the reservoir and it will boil your clothes. Only use cold or lukewarm water for this process because boiling hot water can damage your clothing’s material and color.

It also offers two types of pressing: vertical and horizontal. Vertical steaming uses moisture to remove difficult wrinkles while horizontal steaming requires more time because of the positive and negative ionic action between fabrics’ surfaces and moisture particles.

Best iron for casual clothes

Dry iron is a good choice for casual wear because of its advanced fabric care. It can achieve a smooth and wrinkle-free look on any type of clothes, including thick materials like denim and woolen fabrics.

Moreover, a dry iron has several advantages over a steam iron including: 1) it can work on more types of fabric compared to the latter; 2) it comes in different kinds of designs but still offers high performance; 3) it provides better adhesion to fabrics that prevents sticking or buildup formation hence preventing damage from friction heat.

Benefits of Steam Iron :

A steam iron has a vertical ball-tipped plate that can glide on different types of clothing to deliver excellent workmanship. It also comes with detachable water tanks where you can pour as much as you need for continuous steaming and horizontal pressing. The reservoirs are easy to refill and empty, making the device hassle-free. The heat-up process is fast and reheating takes less than five minutes which makes it suitable for quick touch-ups before going out; storing this tool is also convenient because it doesn’t take too much space and its cord does not occupy much space as well.

What is the difference between a steam iron and dry iron?

A steam iron or clothes steamer uses water as its main power source while dry irons use heat to smooth fabrics. Steam irons are more versatile because they can also work on clothes made out of delicate materials like silk. Dry irons will not leave marks on your clothes because it does not involve wetting the fabric, unlike steam irons which leave water traces on your garment’s surface thus making them look dull after drying up. They also don’t damage fibers, unlike some pressure irons that make holes in your expensive pants’ pockets. If you have more casual clothes in your closet, it’s best to invest in a good dry iron. On the other hand, if you find yourself constantly reaching for your suits and trousers, a steam iron will definitely come in handy.


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