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The important features to consider when buying a digital lock

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Shopping for digital locks can be quite an experience. It’s more than just looking at the sleekest design or the most innovative feature. To ensure maximum security and convenience in your property, you need to be able to find the most appropriate feature that works best with your lifestyle and needs.

Here are some features to consider before buying a digital lock:

Multiple access

If you have more than one user, consider models that can handle multiple codes instead of just one code. Such a feature can add convenience and avoid any inconveniences in opening or closing doors when you have to open the same door for different people.

Multi-user access is great if you have staff, kids, or cleaning personnel entering/exiting your home. Make sure the lock you choose allows for multiple codes not just one single code that everyone needs to enter with. These codes can be one-time or time-bound for maximum security. You may have to pay more for this type of feature, though.


Digital locks are convenient because they may use a PIN or a combination instead of keys – but it’s important that the keypad is easy enough to remember so that users don’t have trouble recalling their combinations when they’re in a hurry! The digital lock should also be highly intuitive so novices will find it easy to use even when accessing the property the first time.

Level of security

Think about the type of security you need. For example, if you want to secure your gun safe or vault, look for locks with industrial-grade security levels certified by agencies like UL and BHMA. These high-security models offer advanced locking mechanisms that will keep unauthorized users out even if they attempt to pry open the door or break down the cabinet protecting your valuables. Locks with industrial-strength are virtually pickproof due to use of anti-drill pins. These may require more meticulous installation and technical support, though. So, it’s best to consider first whether you need the highest level of security for your property.


It’s easy to forget to change batteries on time, especially if you own a digital lock and use it only once every few days. Look for locks with an indicator that alerts you when the batteries are running low so you can change them before they die completely and stop working. Also check the battery life of your digital lock. A good model is one that uses power-efficient LED indicators instead of LCDs. This way, your battery will last longer because most models use energy efficient LEDs which draw less current than LCDs for their display units.

Warranty and Customer Support

Maintenance and repairs are important aspects to consider when buying a digital lock. You want to make sure that you can get quick customer support and service whenever your digital lock stops working or gets damaged in the future. Locks with solid warranties also give you peace of mind knowing that even if something goes wrong, you won’t have to worry about fixing it yourself or paying too much for parts and labor. Some locks come with a lifetime warranty while others offer limited types of protection. So compare carefully what the warranty entails before making a purchase.

Biometric Access

You may also want to look for biometric locks that use your fingerprint. These offer the highest level of security due to its unique, irreplaceable characteristic – it’s you! You cannot lend someone a copy of your fingerprint and expect them to access devices only up using this unique, one-of-a-kind key.

But consider carefully before going for a biometric lock because it typically requires more maintenance and has shorter battery life. It can also be expensive upfront plus you need training on how to effectively use the feature should you decide to do so down the line.


When choosing a digital lock, look for features that fall in line with your lifestyle and security needs. For the utmost convenience and maximum security, choose locks with more than one user access as well as biometric locks.  If you are not sure which type suits your property best, ask an expert from the store where you’re intending to buy from for their opinion.

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