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The pros and cons of digital lock

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Digital locks are the latest trends among modern properties including condominiums.  It has been proven to be more secure and reliable as compared to traditional locks.  Using traditional key locks require having more than just one spare copy which can easily get lost sometimes. Having a set of keys sticking out from your pocket isn’t always practical especially if there’re too many sets and they look messy in your purses. Digital locks remove this inconvenience for you.

However, they also come at a hefty price so it’s important to carefully consider if you want to make that switch.

Benefits of Digital Locks

Easy to use – Most of the digital lock’s mechanisms are mounted on door handles. So it is easy to make a simple swipe with your hand to open the door.  The idea is similar to card-operated elevators or payment machines at posh malls around town where you simply tap a portion of your credit card and then just wait for your item or service to be delivered. It provides ease in operations since there is no need for you to carry additional hardware such as cards and fobs when you want to gain entry into the property.

Quicker access – The security of its system is guaranteed to work all the time. It does not possess any moving parts that can break down anytime. Also, no key is needed for this type of door lock because it is programmable with a personal code or passcode which you can conveniently use to access your home without carrying keys around.

Adds value to property –  Using a digital lock adds more value to your property because you can specify access rights for different people in your place. For example, the security guard who is stationed in the lobby does not need to carry an additional key just so he can enter your community from time to time when he needs to do his night rounds. This saves him from lugging around keys all day long. You also don’t need to leave a spare set of keys under the mat or beside some potted plants outside for them or any other person that they may let into the property through their discretion while you’re away. It creates a better sense of security for the property owner but minus the hassle of dealing with multiple locks.


Cons of Digital lock

One of the biggest disadvantages of using this lock is that they require constant and costly maintenance. For example, batteries need to be replaced every year or so and it is inevitable that they will run out unless you want your home into a dark dungeon. Getting locked out due to dead batteries can be an inconvenience.  Take into account how often this might happen and who would need access to the house when it does happen.

Digital locks also demand more serious hardware as compared to the classic alternative because it needs a heavy-duty power supply to make sure that there’s no downtime during power issues such as brownouts or blackouts as well as lightning strikes.  It can cost around 8% to 15% of your annual electric bill which is quite expensive for most people who go green these days with eco-friendly products.

Finally, you need to consider the available local support for digital locks in your area in emergency cases when you can be locked out of your own room. Not all local locksmith may be able to fix a digital lock, so it’s a bit tricky to look for emergency help when it comes to these modern locks. Do some research on local locksmiths beforehand or call for references of people who have had their lock fixed by a particular company before trusting them with your property.

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