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9 Reasons Why You Need a Smart TV at Your Home

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Are you looking for the best way to watch your favourite TV show? If so, then you need a Smart TV. A smart tv is more than just a regular television; it’s an internet-connected device that allows you to access all of your favourite streaming services like Netflix and Hulu with one remote control. You can even use voice commands to find what you want! With these features, there are 9 reasons why every home needs its own Smart TV.

1. Integrated web browser access lets you connect to the internet

The majority of smart TVs on the market today come with a full web browser installed for easy access to the internet. If you have a favourite website that offers streaming video or particular content, you can visit it directly from your TV set.

2. Smart TVs give you the option to stream content from your computer

If your computer is running slowly and needs an upgrade, consider streaming the content you currently enjoy to your smart TV using WiFi or an Ethernet connection. This way, you can keep enjoying your favourite shows and movies without forking over money for a brand new computer.

3. All electronics work together seamlessly

Most modern televisions come with full integration to other devices, including game consoles, DVD players and more. If you want an all-in-one entertainment centre, look for a smart TV that has this capability. Not only will it save space in your living room, but it’s also much easier than hooking up multiple electronic types of equipment every time you want to use them.

4. You can stream your favourite content from multiple devices

When you have a smart TV, you can connect it to other devices that are streaming your favourite video content. Most popular services such as Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus and Netflix allow users to access their accounts through the smart TV interface. This way, you won’t need to switch between different devices whenever you want to watch something new.

5. You can download apps for instant entertainment

Today’s TVs come with pre-installed apps that can be used for entertainment, including sports, games, and more. If there is something specific that you’d like to do or view on your TV but don’t have software installed already, consider looking for an app store where you can purchase the necessary program directly from the TV set.

6. You can mirror your PC or Mac screen for easy viewing

If you want to share something on your computer with friends or family, consider “mirroring” it to the smart TV instead of sharing it through WiFi or other network connection. This is a much faster way to do it because it doesn’t require you to load up the content before transferring it over – simply open one window and show what’s on your screen.

7. Smart TVs offer great gaming options

The newest smart TVs can play games directly from the big screen, making them perfect for use during parties or family game nights. If you want to buy games that are designed specifically for use on intelligent TVs, look online for special versions that are compatible with your TV set.

8. You can easily send content to the big screen

Instead of waiting for photos or videos to load, you can use all the bandwidth on your computer to instantly upload it to the smart TV without any significant delay. This will allow you to work comfortably on your computer while entertaining yourself at the same time, thanks to instant access through your smart TV.

9. You can enjoy watching 3D movies in the comfort of your own home

Last but not least, consider upgrading if you want a premium experience when watching 3D movies in high definition quality in the comfort of your own living room instead of in crowded theatres where people always seem too close for comfort. If this sounds like something that would interest you, look for TVs that natively support 3D technology.


With so many benefits and possibilities, smart TVs are an upgrade that is definitely worth considering. Not only can it work as a replacement for your computer or entertainment centre, but it’ll also allow you to enjoy everything from video games to 3D movies without having to go outside to do it.

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